We've launched a CLEC! (The "So What?" for Voxox Users)

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Thu, Nov 12, 2009 @ 08:32 AM
TelCentris, the company that created Voxox, today announced that it’s rolling out a national CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier). A CLEC is a phone company that has regulatory approval from the state Public Utilities Commission where it operates that enables it to compete against traditional carriers, such as AT&T.

So what does this mean for Voxox users?

TelCentris' CLEC status will provide significant advantages over similar services like Skype and Google Voice. For example, with an operating CLEC, TelCentris can issue its own phone numbers to users (you get a free one upon signup), instead of having to rent them from other providers as many of our competitors do. This provides cost advantages we can pass on to users (Voxox already has the lowest domestic calling plan in the industry). Another benefit is that because we control our own infrastructure (network + CLEC), we are more in control of quality and reliability and providing a better overall customer experience. Our national CLEC roll-out is not complete yet, but we will keep you posted on its status.

Today's announcement is just one example of how TelCentris is thinking strategically about how it can better serve customers over the long run.

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