Voxox Flies! Staying Connected at 30,000 Feet

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Fri, Oct 23, 2009 @ 06:38 AM
VoxOx helps you stay connected and productive -- even in the stratosphere.
Greetings Voxox Beta Community,

If you’re like me (and for a lot of reasons, let’s hope you aren’t) you’re reading this on your computer screen, the TV is on behind that, you’ve got at least one text conversation going on in Voxox, and Facebook is a constant browser tab. We’re always connected, always tuned in, always delightfully distracted and always within reach of friends and family.
Voxox helps you stay connected and productive -- even in the stratosphere.

We’ll (ok, I’ll) call ourselves the tech-distracted (savvy?) generation (hey look, shiny!). So, what’s a tech-distracted-generation-person supposed to do on those seven hours flying coast to coast, with no Internet, no phones, no money for a portable DVD player, no TV (usually) and only overpriced, print (GASP) magazines or newspapers to read?

Fly Virgin Airlines, Delta, or American, bring your laptop, sit down, take a deep breath, wipe the sweat from your brow and log on to the wi-fi offered by those airlines and others. That’s right, the Internet can now distract you at 30,000 feet and, of course, where there is Internet, there is Voxox! So now, no matter how high you are, you’ll be able to carry on a conversation.

About five years ago, companies such as AirCell and Verizon developed the technology to keep us connected from above, with Boeing signing on as one of the first airplane manufacturers to integrate wi-fi technology into their latest models. What this means for us is that, while your cell phone still won’t be allowed in flight, your Voxox will! Well, at least for now, that is. Several airlines are contemplating banning Internet-based calling and video conferencing as well, so as not to disturb (piss off) other passengers (read this). But don’t worry, even if they do ban calling on planes, you can still use these features from the sky with Voxox:
Keep in mind that there is typically a cost involved for wi-fi, anywhere from $6-$24 for a flight, and airlines generally give you either per hour or per flight pricing options. On the other hand, you’re already spending $15 minimum on those magazines or a book -- in the end it’s a wash. So to all the fellow tech-distracted people out there, get your Voxox on from the clouds, and make your next flight, a connected flight, with the one and only universal communicator.

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