CEO Blog & New Website. Voxox 1.1.1 Stability Release

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Tue, Mar 3, 2009 @ 07:18 AM
Announcing the launch of our “Take Control Blog,” as well as a newly revamped Web site and new Voxox release focused on stability improvements. Read more details below!

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VoxoxLeveraging his entrepreneurial expertise and his passion as a young CEO, Bryan Hertz co-founded TelCentris to bring a new wave of communication capabilities and cost-saving technologies to the market. Young though he may be, Hertz has more than 18 years of experience in technology innovation and software design, operational management as well as research and development.

New Voxox.com Style + Content

In addition, Voxox has unveiled its revamped Web site, with enhancements based on user feedback. Voxox.com will now provide additional customer support options including a FAQ section, more detailed feature descriptions and an informal blog (besides the Take Control Blog) that is dedicated to keeping users informed about Voxox service updates and other service-related material. Check out the Features to learn more about Voxox and send us feedback in the Support section.

Voxox 1.1.1 - Stability Release

Download the latest and greatest edition of Voxox. We are hard at work upgrading functionality, so you will see releases with improvements every week or two. There are new features being added as well as stability enhancements and bug fixes to make your Voxox experience all that much better.

Today's brand new version is 1.1.1. It is available for you to download at http://download.voxox.com! Thank you for jumping in as an early adopter and helping us test, debug and improve Voxox. A list of new features and bug fixes for this release can be found in the change log. Here are some highlights: Performance Stability, IM Auto Spell Checker, Untabbed IM, & Resizing of Voxox Windows... View more current and upcoming features on our Features Webpage.

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