Happy Year of the Ox from Voxox!

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Jan 26, 2009
2009 - Are You Ready for the Ox?

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2009 is the Year of the Ox. If you were born under this sign (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997), you might be described as “prosperous, industrious and giving” with the innate ability to achieve great things. Not a bad animal to be!
It’s no secret that things are rough economically, so these three characteristics couldn’t be more timely for consumers like you. Speaking of Ox, nobody unifies today’s communications channels (voice, video, IM, texting, social media, email, and more) like us - Voxox. And to celebrate our affinity for the notable bovine, we want to ring in the Year of the Ox by giving back to our users. We want you to be prosperous!

What’s coming up this year

To do this, we’ve got all kinds of special things in store... giveaways, contests, new features. Too much to talk about right now. But don’t worry - we’ll let you know when the good stuff is about to happen in 2009.

Voxox also wants to make this year a prosperous and successful one for users by continuing to provide free and low-cost communication services that help people cut expenses while connecting them globally. With Voxox, you can stay in touch with your overseas buddies for pennies or even free, and you get to use really cool features for which other companies charge an arm and a hoof!

So what’s the connection between the Chinese New Year Ox and Voxox? We’re definitely industrious, constantly adding new features to our service, making it even more intuitive and fun to use. We know you have an interconnected lifestyle, and Voxox helps you take control so you never miss a connection, a conversation, an image, or a moment.

Now we’re at the “giving” stage. We want to really be like the Ox here... we have plans for special user deals and giveaways throughout the year to help you stay better connected. We hope these giveaways will inspire you to return the gift and use VoxOx to give back to your community.

At Voxox, we’ve set our goals high, but we plan to continually surpass them. We hope you join VoxOx in celebrating the Year of the Ox so together we can achieve great things in 2009!

Can I get a moo?



The Voxox Team

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