4 Ways to Stay Safe While Using Your Mobile Phone and . . . Walking?!

Posted by Natasha Grach on Tue, Jul 16, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Everyone knows the dangers of using your cell phone while driving. No talking, no texting, no web surfing or email checking while behind the wheel or you’ll be in big trouble.

slow texting while walking
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But did you know it can also be dangerous to use your cell while walking? Believe it! According to research published by Ohio State University, the number of pedestrians admitted to the ER because they’re too busy on their mobile phone to watch where they are going has doubled in the last five years — and is expected to double again in the next five. Never fear! The Voxox blog team’s got your back. We’ve come up with 4 hypothetical scenarios and lessons to learn on how to avoid danger and bodily injury during pedestrian phone usage.

Scenario #1: You have another email from your mom, wanting to know why you haven’t called, how that new relationship is going, and why she doesn’t have any grandbabies yet. Fighting the urge to roll your eyes, you begin to draft your response as you walk from your car to the office. You are so focused on defending yourself to dear old mom that you fail to notice the caution signs and traffic cones blocking off a section of freshly laid cement.

SPLAT. There go your new Jimmy Choo pumps AND your patience.

Lesson Learned: When typing on the go, don’t be so focused on your composing that you wander straight into danger! For the sake of safety and your footwear, pay attention to your surroundings.

Scenario #2: Aw, that little poodle is wearing a pink sweater! Time to take an adorable picture for Facebook. Where’s the zoom button on this phone camera . . . wait, she’s coming closer. And closer. And closer. And . . .

CHOMP. Sweet little Fifi just chomped on your leg while you were fiddling with your phone.

Lesson Learned: Don’t forget that what you’re taking a picture of is real and can interact with you while you’re distracted by getting the perfect shot! And also, don’t put clothing on disgruntled animals.

Scenario #3: That international conference call you’ve been waiting for just started. While waiting in line for your morning Starbucks. As you work on juggling your latte, danish, and mastery of a foreign language, you fail to notice how loud you are talking. You are so focused that you don’t see the scathing looks and hushes of your fellow caffeine-deprived patrons.

SMACK. An elderly woman whacks you right across the belly with her surprisingly heavy purse, spilling your drink and dropping your phone on the floor. There goes your caffeine fix and that new account you were about to land.

Lesson Learned: Be aware and considerate of the people around you while making a call. Failing to do so may be more dangerous than you thought. (This is also why you stay away from Bingo night.)

Scenario #4: You just finished dinner and want to head home. You remember the local taxi company has a new app, and start searching your phone to find it as you walk across the street.

SCREEEEECH!!! You look up just in time to see a taxi swerve around you, barely missing you as it speeds by. You almost got hit by irony at 35 miles an hour!

Lesson Learned: Never ever cross the street without paying attention. Seems so obvious, but our obsession with multi-tasking and time saving tends to stand in the way of common sense.

The bottom line here: PAY ATTENTION! Don’t neglect your surroundings in favor of that funny Reddit picture or dramatic text from your best friend. Your phone has a wealth of information, entertainment, and awesome apps like Voxox, but there are safe ways to consume today's latest digital goodies without a trip to the ER.

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