We’ve Got Your Back... Back to School, That Is!

Posted by Natasha Grach on Aug 08, 2013

It’s that time of year already: back to school. Stores have replaced their beach towels and pool toys with pencils and backpacks, parents are taking their reluctant children shopping for new clothes or uniforms. Getting students of all ages to transition from summer freedom to a structured school schedule is a daunting task, especially if the student is a college freshman about to leave home for the first time.

Never fear, Voxox is here to help!

Back to School
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With all the amazing features packed into just one program, it’s easy to save time, money, and stress as we brave dorm rooms, lunch lines, and early morning dropoffs. Read on to learn how 5 Voxox features can help both parents and students in every grade.

1. Media sharing & large file transfer

For the student: If a friend has recently moved or transferred to a new school, send her plenty of videos of you hanging out in all your old favorite places so she feels a bit less homesick. Voxox lets you share files up to 100 MBs each!

For the parent: Couldn’t be there to move your recent grad into his new digs? Pester him into sharing some videos of his dorm room, roommate, dining hall, and student lounge. He may seem annoyed, but this will assure you he is safe and comfortable living away from home for the first time. And he probably secretly loves sharing his new life with you.

2. Free calls

For the student: Every college freshman soon realizes just how lonely and tough living away from home can be. Now fear of spending money or cell phone minutes won’t stand in the way of calling home for advice or pleas for more money for school supplies and food.

For the parent: Take advantage of free calling between Voxox numbers to update your long distance relatives on all the recent changes with the kiddos.

3. Text messaging

For the student: Use Voxox texting to keep up with your high school friends as they scatter to different colleges, and save your money to ditch the dining hall for a night and enjoy some real . . . er, different food for a change.

For the parent: With all the extra running around you’re doing now, time and money are pretty tight. Use Voxox to send fast (and free!) texts to your kids to let them know where you’ll pick them up, your husband to tell him to start dinner, or your best friend to let her know you need a girls’ night out!

4. Text translation

For the student: Studying abroad? Keep Voxox handy to help you bridge the language barriers so you can meet new people (including that cutie at the bookstore!)

For the parent: Help your kids with their French homework or impress your worldly college senior with your bilingual skills. We won’t tell them it’s all thanks to Voxox . . .

5. Social media updates

For the student: Here’s a good tip to remember: do NOT use your phone in class! Voxox lets you quickly update all your social networks at once so you can tell your friends about your crazy new schedule and awesome English teacher in between classes instead of during lectures. Take that time you saved and do some extra credit instead!

For the parent: Who has time to Tweet or Facebook between PTA meetings and soccer practice? You do! Thanks to Voxox you can update all your social media statuses at once, saving precious time and keeping you from forgetting to update the other moms on your son’s recent win at the spelling bee (not that you’re bragging, of course).

Feel better? That’s what Voxox is all about. Taking care of our users by simplifying their lives and helping them take on the world.

Now go start your homework!


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