7 Reasons Voxox is More Than Just a Free Calling App

Posted by Erica Berry on Aug 20, 2013

We live in a world where we're obsessed with keeping in touch. There's an app for everything -- a free calling app, a free faxing app, apps for texting, apps for sharing media, apps for language translation... and the list goes on and on. With so many apps to choose from, it’s easy to wind up with a home screen littered with single-use apps. Don't get us wrong, some folks just need a free calling app and that's that. But, even if that's you, wouldn't it be nice to have options at your fingertips?

That's why we built Voxox for iPhone as more than just a free calling app. Voxox not only lets you make free calls, but it also lets you stay connected on-the-go in many other ways! In fact, here are 7 reasons why Voxox is so much more than a free calling app...

Free Calling App

1. Free Phone Number -- Get a free U.S. phone number that your family and friends can use to call you. (Cash Saving Tip: Share your Voxox number and lower your monthly contract minutes. Plus, connect to wifi while traveling to save extra on data plans!)

2. Find Me -- Once you pass out your Voxox number, you can forward your incoming calls to up to five other phone numbers so you'll never again miss an important call. You can even add your hotel room phone number on-the-fly when you're traveling. (Great to give to your babysitter... maybe not so great to give to your boss? ;)

3. Messaging -- Yes, free calling is awesome. But maybe you just need to send a quick text? Voxox can handle that too, even when you're abroad.

4. Cheap International Calling -- Voxox-to-Voxox calls are always free, and so are inbound calls to your Voxox phone number from anywhere in the world. But if you want to keep in touch with friends who aren't using Voxox just yet, worldwide outbound calls are super cheap, with many international rates as low as one penny per minute!

5. Voicemail Transcription -- It's not always convenient to listen to voicemail messages so Voxox makes it easy by turning them into text.

6. Fax -- Receive faxes on-the-go for free and send a fax for just a small fee.

7. Language Translation -- Voxox can automatically translate the text messages you send and receive (for both you and your conversation partner!) from/to dozens of languages.

Have you heard of any other free calling app doing all that? If you answered no, then go grab the app, invite your friends and get free calling in just a few minutes. To learn more about how Voxox can help you stay connected, take the Voxox tour and be sure to connect with us on social media for tips and tricks -- Facebook and Twitter

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