Moving Your VoIP Phone System: How to Prepare for a Location or ISP Change

Posted by Kameron Coleman on Oct 15, 2013

Moving Your VoIP Phone SystemWhether you are moving your office location, or just changing your Internet service provider, moving your VoIP phone system can be challenging and complex. That was true in the past but no longer the case in the modern world of IP phone services.

One of the many advantages of a VoIP system over legacy phone service is that you can easily keep the same phone service and phone numbers when you move. All you will need is a connection to the public internet in your new location and the same VoIP equipment you're already using. Once you notify your internet and VOIP providers, you will able to just pack up the equipment and reconnect it on the other end.

 Moving your VoIP phone system is easy. There are three main steps:

  1. Notify your service providers.  Informing your providers with your future address, billing address and the time frame for the service cutover, is vital for a seamless integration at your new site or with minimal downtime.
  2. Update your physical address. VoIP providers transmit your physical address to emergency services if you call 911. In order for you to get prompt service at the correct address, be sure you update the address they have on file as soon as you move.
  3. Connecting the VOIP equipment at your new location. Once you have an established internet connection, your VOIP equipment should be plug-and-play compatible.

If you have changed internet providers or are using a new IP configuration, you may need to get in touch with technical support to reconfigure your setup. This would need to be initiated prior to moving your VoIP phone system to the new site.

What kind of Technical Support you should look for when you’re moving your VoIP Phone System

  • Easy set up – The phone system installation experience should be a simple procedure.  Whether you are; changing locations, changing your internet service, or adding a new site to your existing account, you should expect to be asked to give about 2 weeks of notice to your VoIP phone system technical support team.  This allows them to make sure you have the necessary hardware provisioned for your new site or service.
  • Dedicated customer support - By notifying your technical assistance center prior to moving your VoIP phone system, you may be able to be assigned a dedicated support specialist that can assist you set up and install your phone system.
  • Zero Downtime. A smooth transition when you move your VoIP phone system means that you shouldn’t have to miss a single call. If your service provider is Voxox, our agents can even set up a custom greeting, informing callers of the move and how to contact your business during change over.
  • Carrier services – If voxox is your phone system provider we are also your phone company. Long gone are the days of negotiating with multiple vendors and business contracts. We will assist you with the entire move of your phone system at no extra charge.

Have questions? Get in touch! Our agents are standing by to chat with you about your new office move or Internet service provider change. We want to ensure that you love your phone system no matter where you go, or how you want to connect.

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