Up to 100 Free Minutes! How Far Will A Dollar Go?

Posted by Tristan Barnum on Oct 21, 2013

It turns out that a dollar is worth 100 minutes of calling to the US and Canada. A dollar is worth 52 minutes to France, and 34 minutes to Costa Rica.

Basically, a dollar can connect you to your friends and family and business partners all over the globe for a pretty good long while. You can see our calling rates here to get an idea of how far your dollar will go. 

Sure, there a few countries that are pretty expensive compared to others, where your dollar won't go as far, but 7 minutes to Egypt is still long enough to say "hi" to your Mom and Dad.

Here's the kicker.

That wasn't even the good part.

We're going to actually top that dollar back up each month.*

If you use $.75, we'll give you $.75 to get you back up to a dollar. If you use the whole dollar, we'll put it back. Of course, if you're calling another Voxox user, it is always free and doesn't use up any of your dollar. We don't know how long we can keep this up, so for now, we're calling it a limited time offer.

Now you're probably beginning to understand why I said that one of the things we were feeling was "frightened" to announce this! To be honest, we don't know what will happen. I'm personally hoping for something between you telling all your friends about this neat little calling and messaging app that's giving away a monthly plan for free, and you telling all your friends and then them telling all their friends and eventually melting down our servers (please, no!).

*Promotion ended as of SEPTEMBER 10, 2015. Please click this link for details* 

How Far Will $1 Go?

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