Business VoIP and Medical: 4 ways to provide excellent service

Posted by John Lee on Oct 22, 2014

There’s no argument that communication is essential to the success of your medical practice. For a small medical office, the phone is the hub of communication. In the event of an emergency, patients and vendors should be able to connect quickly with a medical professional. 

VoIP for Medical Offices
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The main concern for medical office professionals is that implementing a VoIP system for your medical practice is costly, time consuming, and complicated.  

In actuality, a VoIP system saves times, money, and is simple to use! A reliable method of communication is paramount in the medical field/industry and with these four Voxox features, you won’t have any trouble boosting productivity and making your patients happy.


The Auto Attendant feature assists callers promptly and professionally by routing callers to the appropriate professional. It saves your staff’s valuable time, because callers will be directed to the appropriate person without having to individually ask them a string of questions. Better yet you can completely customize your auto attendant options so that your callers can select which person or department they need the most. This also leaves your callers with a positive experience because it eliminates the possibility of being transferred from one place to another incorrectly. An Auto Attendant requires no monitoring and it frees your staff to focus on more critical issues. Now your Auto Attendant can send callers to basic pre-recorded information like hours of operation and directions to your location.

With the Call Recording feature, the doctor can record important information the patient is relaying via the phone enabling the doctor to concentrate on the issue at hand instead of quickly scribbling notes.


Missed calls can mean lost business but more importantly, it can also mean not getting a patient the care they need in a timely manner. Call forwarding and parking will insure that no urgent care calls will be missed and patients can reach the right healthcare professional. With Call Parking, you could transfer calls and resume conversations from any phone. You could forwards calls, simultaneously or successively, to another number and the staff can answer from anywhere without having to rush across the room.  

No more hassle and no more bulky fax machines to set up and maintain.  As long as you have the Internet and a printer, you’re in business! Simply fax medical documents directly to your email inbox. With electronic copies, you don’t have to be concerned with losing important files or papers. It’s much easier to organize, access, and respond to fax documents when they’re already in someone’s email. With fax to email you eliminate maintenance, and it also frees up time and space in the office.


In the medical environment, where time is critical, there is a need for organization and unification of communication.  It’s crucial to communicate quickly, to get as much information, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of additional labor. Voxox’s easy to use, scalable, and reliable phone system can help meet the growing needs and requirements of your medical offices.

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