Escaping Headaches with the Magic of the Cloud-based Phone Service

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Apr 29, 2014

Does your office resemble the 405 in California during rush hour, a jumble of phone extensions and on-premises hardware that causes bottlenecks and traffic jams in your cubicles? Are your cubicles like a bad scene out of a 1980s movie, replete with legacy technology and a mishmash of parts? Then it might be time to rethink your phone system.


Today’s 21st century business phone systems boast a plethora of advantages from advanced call routing to voicemail-to-email notification to unified communications. Robust small business virtual phone systems also enable you to take advantage of virtual phone extensions, a small value add that can be truly transformational for your microbusiness or fledgling company. Let’s take a look at the magic of the virtual phone extension for your small business:

  1. Levels the Playing Field: It can be hard to go head to head with the big boys in your space but with virtual phone extensions, your professionalism and credibility with your customers and prospective stakeholders will soar. Virtual phone extensions not only give others the impression that your business is larger than a two-man show, but they also make it easier for your customers to reach their intended party. All they need to know are the digits in the extension!
  2. Keeps Your Team Always On: Virtual phone extensions often come with advanced voicemail-to-email notifications as well as custom greetings and call forwarding, allowing your team to remain plugged in at all times. No need to hire additional receptionists and secretaries to keep your team connected as your fully-baked small business virtual phone will keep you plugged in.
  3. Plays Nicely with Your Bottom Line: Every dollar counts in this economy, especially if you are a startup company. The beauty of virtual phone extensions are that they can be edited, added or removed at any time—without any training, expenses or IT personnel needing to get involved. Scale your business cost efficiently and seamlessly with the power of virtual phone extensions.

So… is it time to make some room in your cubicles for a Cloud-based phone service? Carpool lanes anyone?

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