Extend the Life of Your Current Phone System Investment With SIP Trunks

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jun 11, 2014

A SIP Trunk provides connectivity between a premise based phone system and the publically switched telephone network (PSTN). In other words, SIP Trunk Lines are basically the same concept as a telephone line coming in from the phone company or channels on a T1 circuit with the one slight difference that the line comes in via the internet. Today, when it comes to business VoIP solutions, SIP Trunks are the smart choice. Following are the top four reasons why organizations choose SIP Trunks to power their business phone equipment.

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  1. Extend Life of Your Current System- Instead of ripping and replacing a current phone system, PBX, or key system, an organization can choose to extend the life of their aging system by powering it with Voxox SIP Trunks. No aging PBX will be left behind because Voxox even offers a PRI/CAS service to connect non-IP enabled PBXs. Meaning even if your PBX was never designed to communicate via the internet, Voxox has a solution for that very issue.
  2. Unify Current Systems- Unify current systems and save money by using one connection for both voice and data without compromising quality of service.
  3. Disaster Recovery- In the event the internet is down, all phones will failover to another offnet phone number.
  4. Scalability- Last but not least, SIP Trunks enable scalability in regard to voice services. An organization can start with as little as 3 SIP trunk lines and expand to thousands virtually overnight in order to support the needs of their growing business.

Voxox offers two different types of plans, metered and unmetered. The first is a metered plan for $9.99 per month. This includes competitive per minute rates and free calls between office locations on your network. The second plan is an unmetered plan which means for $24.99 per month your organization can have unlimited calls to US-48 & Canada. This plan also includes free calls between office locations on your network.

The bottom line – Business VoIP solutions can power your business phone system while saving your organization time and money. Give us a call today and learn how Voxox can help enable your voice services.

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