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Posted by Ian LeWinter on Nov 12, 2014

The selfie has gotten a bad rap. Blame it on the “sexters” or the Narcissists. Personally, I blame the hipsters, who hate everything. You could also blame it on the nuts who take selfies with a homeless person, then text it to their friends. Can someone please tell me what’s funny about that?

Despite all the criticism, the selfie persists and is more ubiquitous than ever. Look no further than Instagram and you’ll see nearly two hundred million posts with the hashtag “selfie.” (Instagram appears to be a depository for selfies — a place where the compulsive self-snapper can post eight or nine of them a day.)

Since the selfie is showing no signs of departure, here are some techniques that’ll give you a self-portrait you’ll be proud to Voxox free text to your friends.

The ultimate selfie guide

The first thing to consider is that a selfie shouldn’t look like a selfie. It’s a dead giveaway if one or both of your arms vanish into the margin of the photo. Looking at your phone’s screen, rather than directly into the camera lens above it, is another. The results of this are slightly downward-focused eyes — something one rarely does in a regular photo.

Following is a brief guide for taking great selfies that you can free text to your friends using Voxox.

1. The Tourist Selfie

When snapping your selfie, lift your free hand and wave at the phone (I mean, there must have been another person, right — who waves to themselves?). The result is a lot like those family vacation photos that your parents took of you as a kid.


2. The “I’m Busy Doing Something Else” Selfie

You’re a busy person. Looking away from the phone creates the illusion that you didn’t know your picture was being taken, when of course you were the one taking it! Pretend you are engrossed in something important — like a glass of wine!


3. The Workout Selfie

Cyclists especially should try this one — just be careful! Using your bike-mounted phone, snap a picture and — voilá! — a great action shot! (Although, if you think about it, if it’s not a selfie, where was your photographer? Riding on your handlebars? But now we’re splitting hairs.) The point is, most selfies are sedentary. Action blurs the lines.


4. The Artwork Selfie

It’s a matter of misdirection. Purposefully frame your selfie to highlight something other than yourself, in this case, a beautiful beach scene. If you close your eyes while doing this, it looks as though you’re too deep in thought to realize your picture is being taken … by you.


5. The Epic Selfie

It’s selfie-taking at its finest. Using an extender, this photo was taken by the bridegroom to include every guest at the wedding. It requires a steady hand and several takes, but the results speak for themselves. Plus, it was a lot of fun!


Great art is meant to be shared

Now that you have these fabulous photos of yourself, why not share them? Using Voxox, you can send your pictures in a free text message to any Voxox user. Rates to non-Voxox users are super-cheap, most likely less than you’d pay using your service provider.

So flip that phone around and get busy! Your public awaits!

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