How a Small Business Phone System Can Be Music to an Agent’s Ears

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 @ 04:00 AM

The decision to break away from a major label and start your own artist representation agency takes both courage and faith in your ability to spot and promote talent. Leaving a major agency typically means forfeiting a steady paycheck—at least for awhile—and leaving behind resources with which to pursue artists. But it also gives you the freedom to go after your own goals, dreams and the music you love.


Aside from the passion it takes to succeed in the music industry you are going to need mobile capability that gives your new business a professional feel without taking a chunk out of your small budget. From the time you leave your current employer you’ll spend most of your days meeting with industry contacts and the majority of nights scouting new acts at various locations. All of this moving and shaking is exciting, but it also means you won’t always be able to answer phone calls or listen to voicemails the moment they come in.

But considering that call might be coming from the manager of an artist you are hoping to sign—you know, the one you think is the next Springsteen—you’ll want your small business phone system to project a professional image. At one time that might have meant renting office space and installing a wired system that you couldn’t quite afford, but fortunately it no longer does. Instead, you can leverage best-in-class mobile solutions available today and setup professional greetings, auto attendants and extensions using just your cell phone. 

The music business is changing. Although competition for artists and revenue is still fierce, social media and digital technology are revolutionizing the industry. The changing face of the industry provides new avenues for independent agents like you to build and promote a strong stable of artists. Similarly, new mobile technology can put the power of an enterprise phone system in your pocket.

It’s time to rock and roll!    


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