How to Sign Up and Get the Most From Voxox*

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Oct 16, 2014

The best things in life are simple.

It’s the simple things in life you treasure; like a great cappuccino, comfortable shoes, or your mobile phone. OK, maybe your phone doesn’t fall into this category, but there are some things you can do with it that are simple and can simplify your life at the same time.

These days communication can be anything but simple. To get free texting and free calling we’re often required to sign up for any of a number of communication apps to get all the features we need. One app will get us free texting but not free calling. Another can give us free calling, but the out-of-network rates are so high we might as well just stick with our regular mobile service provider.

Voxox users enjoy the massive benefits of all their communications options in a single OTT app — texting, calling, sharing, faxing and so much more all in one place. And getting started with these benefits is simple!

Step One: Download

The obvious first step is to download Voxox. I realize that going to the iTunes Store is fraught with distractions. You must stay focused! Search on the word “Voxox” and download the first app that appears. Ignore the season premiere of American Horror Story — for now.


Step Two: Sign up

Open Voxox on your phone. The first screen that appears is the sign up screen.


Click on “Sign Me Up” and choose a username and password. Write them down using real ink and paper and keep in a safe place. The app will then ask for your phone number and email address in order to verify your new account. Check your email for the verification message and follow the link to verify.

At this point, you can already make and receive calls, texts and faxes for free! Which leads us to our final step.

Step Three: Communicate!

After all, this is why we sign up! Already Voxox has automatically imported your contacts from your phone’s address book. You can add more contacts by tapping the plus sign in the upper right of your screen.


There are several ways to initiate a text or a call. Our favorite is to simply tap on the contact’s name in your contacts list, then choose whether you are going to call or text by touching either the phone icon or talk bubble icon.

More to explore

There are so many additional features available to you with Voxox, you’re going to want to take some time and explore the app. Look for additional amazing features like real-time Text Translation and Caller ID Spoofing*.

To find out more, check out the blog post, IS FREE CALLING YOUR FAVORITE FEATURE?, August 12, 2014.

*As of May 5, 2016 we are discontinuing sign-ups for our free consumer service. View this post for more information.


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