How VoIP Helps Telecommuters Get the Job Done

Posted by John Lee on Jan 07, 2015

In recent years, working from home has grown in popularity as more businesses are offering employees the option to telecommute.  Telecommuting allows workers to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world while enabling businesses to draw on a larger pool of talented and skilled workers without geographic restrictions. This is made possible by advancements in communication technology trends such as VoIP and BYOD. These trends give employees the flexibility to be productive regardless of their location.


One of the keys to making sure your business can easily integrate telecommuters is to embrace a VoIP small business phone system.

How A VoIP Small Business Phone System Helps Telecommuters:

A VoIP phone systems allow phone calls to be made over the Internet rather than with a traditional phone system. This system allows a business to make clear, robust phone calls, but it also helps telecommuters integrate into a business. With its advanced features, a VoIP phone system enables employees to be productive and reachable without being tied to an office desk. Important documents can be sent, and received via fax, and voicemail can be transcribed on the fly to save you time and convenience. In addition, customizing greetings and setting up call routing can be done quickly and without hassle.

With VoIP, telecommuters have more flexibility and reduced transportation costs. Less stress can mean a reduction of sick days and overall, help employees to achieve a better work/life balance. Team members can be more efficient with their time and collaborate better despite being in various locations. With the Voxox Conference Bridge, up to 250 workers can join a call and communicate without skipping a beat, even overseas!  

The technological landscape is changing, and businesses need to adapt in order to take advantage of it. VoIP is often the least expensive phone system a small business can invest in, yet it provides the most features. Combining a VoIP phone system with telecommuting program, enables your remote and virtual workforce to collaborate better and stay connected. 

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