Improve Your Customer Service Drastically With a Hosted PBX Solution

Posted by John Lee on Nov 19, 2014

As a small business owner, making clients feel valued and special is paramount to your success. Even without the big budget of a large company your business can still leave a tremendous impression on customers. By providing excellent customer service, you can separate your company from the competition. It can also help you to develop word of mouth advertising which is always the best type of free marketing.  Fostering rapport with your clients is also an effective way to get people talking about your business.


Voxox Hosted PBX service provides the following benefits to increase your customer service:

Call Forwarding/Find Me: Short call wait times is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction and display professionalism. With the call forwarding (Find Me)feature, you can forward all calls to a different phone and connect with your customers promptly and efficiently. With this feature, your business will never have to worry about missing a client call and you can give customers a better experience. 


Auto Attendant: The Auto Attendant feature leaves the impression of a Fortune 500 company when your clients call your organization. With customizable greetings, you can make your business sound more personable to callers before routing them to the appropriate party or department. This helps a small business improve their branding and ensure customer retention by providing excellent service.


Nationwide Integration: Your business would be building customer loyalty and growing its reputation as a trustworthy business by establishing a national presence. Your customers could reach your business without any hassle as all your office locations will be connected. Ensure that your customers could get in touch with a service represenative even if they are several states apart. This will would help build loyalty and a relationship with customers so that they will return to your business.


The foundation to a successful business is customer satisfaction, and dedicating your business to providing quality service could help ensure repeat customers. By adopting a business Hosted PBX phone system, your business would be investing in providing excellent customer service and fostering an excellent client-business relationship.


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