Is free calling your favorite feature?

Posted by Bryan Koci on Aug 12, 2014

The Voxox app is packed with a ton of really cool (and really free) features, and we would love for you to share your favorite feature with us in the community. I know it can be hard to think of one specific Voxox feature, and there may be some you don’t know about, so let’s take a look at some of our most popular features, including free calling.


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Free US phone number

Free to receive calls, chats, text and faxing.

Free Voxox to Voxox calling, chatting, and faxing

  • All communication between Voxox users is free. We even give you free credit to get started.*

 **Promotion ended as of FEBRUARY 11, 2016. Please click this link for details** 

Reach Me/Find Me

Change your outbound caller ID

Faxing - inbound and outbound

  • Replace your fax machine with a digital solution that can be used on your smartphone or on your desktop.

Virtual numbers

SMS Call Connect

  • Use the power of Voxox with any SMS enabled phone, even if it’s not a smart phone.

Get a free iNum

  • Use the power of the iNum so your friends and family from all over the world can call you at their local rates.

Calling features

Call Recording

  • Record calls for free with Voxox.

Group messaging

  • Chat with all your Voxox friends at once!

Ringback and Hold Music

  • Customize your calling experience by selecting your own ringback and hold music when using the desktop app.


  • Translate in real time when sending and receiving SMS and chat messages.

Voicemail Customization

  • Personalize your voicemail in various ways and even enable voicemail transcription.

Voxox On The Go

  • Use your Voxox PIN for the power of Voxox on ANY phone.


  • Use the online interface to access the store and configure your account from any device.

Voxox community

That is a big list, and it is continuing to grow! So, is free calling your favorite Voxox feature? Share it with us on the community at https://getsatisfaction.com/voxox/topics/what_is_your_favorite_feature_about_voxox.

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