Leveraging VoIP: Run Your Business With More Than Your Personal Phone

Posted by Tad Nikolich on Jan 28, 2014

If you just started your new business and you need phone service, or maybe your business has been around for a while but your personal cell phone is no longer sufficient to manage your company's growth. Leveraging a hosted VoIP system can help you manage your call flow and look more professional.  

When someone starts a business, they don't necessarily have access day one to an office location with staff, phones, fax machines, or desks; often they need an efficient way for people to contact the new business during those early set up stages. Now you can leverage VoIP and our hosted offering from day one of your business and beyond.

VoIP Personal Phone

A friend of mine recently called me and explained that he was going to open an office for his new business in a month but he did not have the lease finalized, he could not order phone lines or internet yet, and he did not even know how many employees he was going to have when they moved in.  He did, however, start marketing efforts and had a couple of employees working from their homes. He also needed to order business cards, take calls, receive faxes, and get things up and running. He was a little frantic but I explained to him that with hosted VoIP these were not complicated problems nor were they costly.

With VoIP you can obtain business phone numbers and professional auto attendants without having to order physical phone lines or have equipment on site.  A customer can get their main number(s),  have them temporarily forward calls to their cell phone, home phone, a ring group or have the calls go to an auto attendant in the cloud.  When a caller calls in they can hear a customized greeting with several options and the system can route the caller to any destination like your cell phone, ring group of several people, or to a voicemail box that sends a copy of the message to an email recipient. Some services also have more advanced features like call recording, press to accept, conferencing capabilities, and the ability to receive text messages to the number.  

This virtual phone service can work wonderfully while you are setting up that new office or if you decide to stay virtual.  Then, if a physical office is set up, IP phones for the desks can be added as well as other features as needed. VoIP services are perfect for scaling since it can start virtual and turn into advanced phone systems including hundred of phones and multiple locations. Another benefit you never need to change phone numbers when you move locations.  With traditional phone service, if you moved from one part of town to the other, the phone company would require you to change numbers or have you pay for expensive call forwarding.  With VoIP service you can keep your same number for no extra charges no matter where you move in the world.

VoIP has really opened up the telecommunications industry in a number of ways to make communications more flexible and affordable.  Contact a Voxox Agent to see how it can benefit your business today.


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