On the Road Again? Take a Cloud-Based Phone Service Along for the Ride

Posted by Ian LeWinter on May 01, 2014

For years, the great Willie Nelson has delighted crowds with his ode to a nomadic existence, “On the Road Again.” While Nelson’s tune refers to life as a traveling musician, the song could just as easily be referring to the millions of entrepreneurs who do much of their work on the road.

If you count yourself among these road warriors, a cloud-based phone system like Cloud Phone can make a perfect traveling companion. If you manage a single-person or microbusiness, a cloud-based phone service can help you create the impression that you are a major corporation by providing many of the features offered by major providers. For instance, with Cloud Phone you can:

Willie_Nelson_On The Road 

  • Get a business-specific phone number in seconds using just your personal mobile number
  • Create and modify a custom greeting simply by typing it a digital text box
  • Designate extensions for various departments such as billing or sales
  • Adjust settings on the fly through the Internet
  • Have voicemails automatically sent to email so important messages can be returned right away

Even if you are still contemplating going into business for yourself, Cloud Phone is worth checking out. Voxox is currently offering a free 30-day trial so there’s no upfront risk: and Voxox maintains the system in the cloud so you don’t have to spend a dime to set the service up. The bottom line is leading-edge technology can make working “on the go” much easier.

So if like Willie, you anticipate “going places that you’ve never been” and “seeing things you may never see again,” consider taking Cloud Phone along for the ride.

It’s just about time to get on the road again.

Virtual PBX Cloud Phone - 30 Day Free Trial

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