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Posted by Ian LeWinter on Aug 28, 2014

The fax machine is alive and well. Just look around. Notice the scarcity of trees? Okay, you probably don’t live in a forest and aren’t watching the destruction of over ten million trees daily, but it’s happening around the world. About 35 percent of cut trees are used for making paper. Here in the United States, we are the top consumers, with each American using an average of over one-third ton of paper each year.1


A major player in the paper consumption game, faxing is entrenched in industries such as real estate, finance and healthcare, where reams of paper are moved around daily. Every fax sent the traditional way requires printing the same document twice — one to fax and one to be printed at the receiving end. In the U.S. in one year, this amounts to a stack of paper 853 miles high!

With so much at stake, every bit helps, and many people are turning to e-faxing for document sharing. Since you do everything on your mobile phone anyway, why not fax with it as well?

Voxox can save the world!

More than 46 million fax machines are in use around the world. By making a simple switch to an email or SMS fax solution, such as Voxox, you save time, equipment costs and paper. Fax machines are no longer needed.

Think of the energy resources saved as individuals and businesses switch to online faxing. A single fax machine running 24/7 replaced with online faxing saves 377-kilowatt hours each year!

Switching to an email fax service is a great first step in curbing paper consumption. Many services offer a free trial period before charging a monthly fee. Signup and activation are easy, and you’ll likely receive a free fax number.

Faxing often requires urgency that email can’t provide. Because of the proliferation of emails being sent, many people check their inboxes only two or three times a day. Using Voxox to send a free fax gets immediate attention. Your contact receives an attached file just as if they were receiving a shared photo from you.

Riddles three I give you

In years past — not long before disco — sending a fax meant solving some riddles. Does the original go face up or face down? If I include a cover sheet, am I sending three pages or two pages plus a cover sheet? Do I need to babysit the machine so it doesn’t send two pages at once?

Voxox faxing answers all of these questions. Your mobile phone and the Internet replace your fax machine. Voxox gives you a login and a unique fax number. Armed with these tools, you can send any printable document without using paper.

With Voxox, you have the convenience of sending a free fax to other Voxox users via SMS or email from anywhere. Faxes to non-Voxox users can be done at the usual low text rates.

A brighter future

Everywhere you look, you see the world teetering on the edge of ecological destruction. Today you can do something about it. By using Voxox for faxing, you can eliminate at least half the paper being used and save acres of forest. And that’s something you can feel good about.

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1. Source: Global Ecology Network

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