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Posted by Aimee Eucce on Dec 24, 2013

Christmas is the season to honor time-tested family traditions and to create new ones. It’s about togetherness, family, friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Many people are able to make the pilgrimage home for the Holidays, but there are those around the world that cannot be with their loved ones during Christmas. This post is for those of you across the miles who are separated by cities, states, and even countries. Here is a list of creative ways to connect with those you love and care about.

 Christmas with Voxox


Old School is Now New School Cool: Snail Mail

Mail Christmas Presents: Take the extra time to get your presents early and personally wrap them and post them via snail mail. A personally wrapped gift is much nicer than a standard Amazon drop shipped item.


Christmas Eve Care Packages: Not sure what a Christmas Eve care package is? It’s whatever you want it to be including, hot chocolate, presents, cookies, books, and other fun goodies…essentially a box of fun that’s not allowed to be opened until Christmas Eve. The key to any of these ideas is to “Make it Your Own” and tailor it to your family’s traditions.


Pajamagram: Many families wear fun Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve so they will have fun pictures when opening presents the next morning. You can order and send a Pajamagram through http://www.pajamagram.com/ or go to your favorite store to buy some Christmas pajamas and post in the mail for delivery before Christmas Eve.


Christmas Cookies: Coordinate with family and friends to bake, decorate, and overnight ship homemade cookies to each other; for added fun you can even turn it into a Christmas Bake Off to see who makes the best batch of cookies.


Christmas Ornament Exchange: Right after Thanksgiving you can have a good old-fashioned Christmas ornament exchange. Choose a theme or make it a free for all! This is a great way to remember loved ones whenever you look at your Christmas tree.


Thank You Cards: Thank You Cards outside of weddings, birthdays, and baby showers can be a rarity. Be creative and thoughtful and send a nice thank you card to your friends and family who snail mailed you Christmas presents.


Connect Through Technology

Conference Call: You can use Voxox to conference call up to 20 of your friends and family members! They may not be in the same room with you but it sure will feel like it. Sing a Carol, read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to the grandkids, or just say hello.


Photo War: Hold a Christmas Tree or Gingerbread House decorating war! Give friends and family a deadline to finish their projects then have everyone send pictures to each other via Voxox to see who created the best Christmas Tree or Gingerbread House! Spice it up and compete for an Amazon or iTunes gift card. Don’t forget, sharing Voxox to Voxox is always free and you can still send your pictures to Non-Voxox users at super low rates.


Play Games: Download some of these cool gaming apps and compete with your friends and family in real time! Some of the most popular games for iOS and Android in 2013 are: Draw Something 2, Words with Friends, Clash of Clans, and Mini-Golf Match Up.


Group Project: Go to snapfish.com and create a custom calendar. This is a great way to work with family or friends to create a fully customized calendar that can then be mailed to loved ones to use all year long.


Share Video: Use your phone to take videos of the kids opening presents, capture funny moments, or even record a special message for your loved ones. Make sure you and your friends have Voxox so you can exchange as many videos or images as you want for free! It doesn't matter where in the world you are located, even if its Timbuktu!


Laptop Calls: Buy Grandma a retro looking telephone handset that connects to her laptop. Then download Voxox, make sure you have Voxox on your phone or computer then Grandma can call you for free anytime day or night from wherever she is located! This is another easy way to turn Old School into New School Cool while reminding grandma of her old school phone!


Old School Phone 

Local Phone Number: Buy the gift that keeps on giving all year long! Purchase a local phone number anywhere in the US through Voxox for only $19.95 annually then your friends or family members can call your Voxox account at their local phone rates day or night!


These are just a few of our favorite creative ways to add loads of fun to the holidays. So whether you are planning to utilize these great Voxox features to celebrate with loved ones from a distance, or it’s simply over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go, it’s the unique and thoughtful touches that put the love into the season. Charles M. Schulz said it best, “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” Enjoy your holidays!


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