The Most Common Traditional Phone System Hiccups

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Apr 02, 2014

When you own your own small business, your time and money is often the company’s as well, meaning your margin for error is close to nil. For example, choosing the wrong technology can take your company from boom to bust in a hurry—even if the product or service you are selling is top notch.


If you are considering bringing in a traditional, wire-based phone system for your small business we’d like to strongly urge you to think again. A small business virtual phone can help you avoid some of most common hiccups you’re likely to encounter with legacy technology, such as: 

Hefty Installation costs
A traditional PBX comes with wires and hardware that somebody has to install. That costs time and money that would probably be far better spent on advertising or product development. With a best-in-class small business virtual phone installation can be as easy as clicking a button.

Perhaps the most dreaded word in business today. Downtime can strike a legacy phone service any time a local power grid goes down or hardware malfunctions. If you can’t make calls to clients or colleagues working remotely, how much can you really get done? With a virtual service the entire system is hosted elsewhere leaving you free and clear of the downtime blues.

Maintenance hassles
Let’s say you do experience some kind of equipment issue—how do you get it resolved? With a wire-based system you are probably going to have to call the provider, wait on hold, schedule a technician visit, wait for the technician to arrive and wait some more while the system is fixed. With a virtual system someone else takes care of the maintenance while you take care of business as usual.

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