The Theory of Everything (In One Messaging App)

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Mar 19, 2015

Science is a search for answers. In my case, answering questions I didn’t even ask, let alone understand. Take Professor Stephen Hawking, recently portrayed in the film, “The Theory of Everything.” Professor Hawking states that he has been searching for “a single mathematical equation that will explain the entire universe.” I’m no Einstein, but that sounds like an elegant way of responding to a million questions.


Maybe your question is why you have so many messaging apps when having just one that encompasses all your communications would be a more elegant solution. It isn’t rocket science.

A strange equation

On a typical smartphone interface, you’re constantly opening and closing a different menu system or messaging app for each task. Your text messages are in one section. To listen to voicemails, you have to return to the home screen and go to the phone section. If you want to send an image, you go home, then to your photo gallery. Need to share your location? If you’re still in your photos, you need to go home and open up your maps utility. That’s a lot of trips home. End-to-end it looks like this: Smartphone home screen > text messages > home screen > voicemail messages > home screen > image sharing > home screen > location sharing > home screen and so forth. Cumbersome, to say the least.

An elegant solution

With Voxox, you can go straight to the Messages screen for every type of message. Here is where it all happens: voicemails, texts, shared images, location sharing, and more, all in one place!


When you receive a voicemail, it can be found in the Messages section to either be listened to or read! Unlike your smartphone interface, voicemails are automatically transcribed in Voxox, so you can check them anytime, anywhere — even during a meeting.


If you haven’t jacked into the SMS/texting phenomenon, what have you been doing since 2007? Go ahead and scatter your thoughts to the cyber-wind! Create and name new group texts or message old groups. Keep track of it all right here in the Messages window.

With the Media Drawer, you can share photos …

Capture and share an image or video right from within your Voxox messaging app. The Messages screen contains a Media Drawer that opens when you tap the up arrow next to the Free Chat field. You can also send photos and videos from your gallery.

… And contacts …

Along with image sharing in the Media Drawer, you’ll find that you can share contacts and send faxes. Where your smartphone’s UI requires you to exit text messaging to share a contact, with Voxox you can just choose one right from within the Media Drawer.

… And faxes …

A lot of businesses you have dealings with still require faxes (see the post, FREE FAX APP FOR DESKTOP AND IPHONE, ANYONE?). Voxox can simplify this task by letting you send a fax right from your Voxox messaging app. It’s as easy as sending a photo.

… And locations

Share your location without ever leaving your Messages screen. Just open up that magic Media Drawer again and let your friends know where you are with pinpoint accuracy.

A pop quiz

Hey, I wouldn’t do that to you! After all, if you’ve read this far you automatically get an A+. All you need to remember is right in your Voxox messaging app. It’s the answer to all your communications questions!

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