Top Considerations When Selecting A SIP Provider

Posted by John Lee on Feb 11, 2015

In a study on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking, VoIP research and reviews firm Software Advice ran a survey on the factors behind selecting a SIP provider. SIP trunking is comparable to a phone line that people use to connect local and long-distance calls over a business Internet connection.

The survey was comprised of 30 questions and over 200 responses were received from seasoned IT managers who had implemented SIP trunking within their organization. According to the survey results, the biggest factors when choosing a SIP provider were security, support quality, and pricing.



A big concern for many IT decision makers is the security of SIP trunks. Most of the survey respondents were using TLS (Transport-layer security), which prevents attacks that could obstruct their phone systems. One of the options that Voxox provides is IP based authentication for SIP trunking. This provides enhanced security since your SIP trunk can only be used from the IP address you provide.

Support Quality

To maintain an image of professionalism and reliability, customers need to be able to reach and contact your business [flawlessly]. If a problem arose and communication is interrupted, not only do you miss out on potential clients but it would also have a negative effect on your small business presence. That’s why Voxox business support is available 24/7. Our support reps understand that small business owners work around the clock and that it’s important for your business to always be reachable. Service outages could cost you time and money. Your business should have effective support in order to recover in the event of an obstruction or emergency.


With SIP trunks, your business can streamline costs and resources while still retaining the same high quality voice communication. Voxox offers an affordable SIP trunking solution that can help save your company money by reducing your telephone bill. With competitive per minute, bundled, or unlimited calling plans, you won’t have to dent your wallet to connect with clients or employees. As your business grows, or even changes high call volumes on a seasonal basis, you can add or take away SIP Trunks within minutes. Business communication has never been more affordable and flexible.  

This survey shows some of the top concerns and best practices when implementing SIP trunks in your organization. SIP providers, like Voxox, can deliver affordable and powerful functionality with their SIP trunk solutions. Do you agree with the findings? What do you look for in SIP trunk providers? Share in the comment section below! 

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