Top Seven Reasons to Use the Voxox Mobile App

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Jan 15, 2015

A guest at a recent holiday party, knowing my obsession with Voxox, asked me why, of all the OTT mobile apps available, they should use Voxox. Like anyone who is asked about their obsession, I was eager to engage in the conversation.


Listening to someone talk about their passion makes almost any topic more interesting. Have you ever been introduced to someone, and the introduction concluded with something like, “… and she knows everything about soil additives”? Your first thought is How do I get out of this conversation? But my experience has been that, when they start talking, their enthusiasm is infectious. I hope that was the case when I responded to his question.

There are a million reasons to use Voxox and they’re different for everybody. Here are my top seven.

1. Lower your monthly bill

This reason eclipses all others. Using Voxox over the top (OTT) of your carrier services can help you significantly lower your monthly mobile phone bill. Because of free calling and texting, your Voxox mobile app gives you the option of switching to your carrier’s cheapest plan.

2. Reach Me Anywhere

With Reach Me Anywhere, you can leave your mobile phone behind and still never miss a call. Just forward your inbound calls to any phone number! Imagine not carrying a phone with you. Also, you can set the calls to ring a number of different phones, either all at once, or in succession.

3. Block calls with style

You know that ex of yours who just isn’t getting the message? When you “Dead End” someone using your Voxox desktop app, you can choose whether they receive a busy signal, a recording that says the number has been disconnected or a custom message you record. Mine would say something like, “You can call all you want, but the only thing you’ll ever get from me is this message.” Boosh!

4. Realtime text translation

When you use Voxox, you can send and receive texts in any of over 60 languages. All it takes is the flick of a switch in your Voxox mobile app and you’ve got an instant universal translator! Imagine getting a text from someone in Italian straight to your phone in English, then responding with English and they receive it in Italian. Good-bye language barrier.

5. Get a free phone number

When you sign up with Voxox, you get a free U.S. phone number that you can give out to your family and friends to call and text you. Anyone can reach you at your new number — plus Voxox-to-Voxox calls and texts are free!

6. Cheap international calls

Voxox’s super-low international calling rates are legendary. Prices start at just one cent per minute and you don’t even need a service commitment. And with Voxox’s policy of “topping off” your account with $1 each month,* those calls can be free! For more information on international calling with Voxox, see the blog post, Around The World With Voxox: Free International Calls, posted on July 10, 2014.

7. Send a fax right from your message thread

You don’t need a separate mobile app to send a fax — Voxox can do it on its own and it’s as easy as sharing a photo. No more struggling with a fax machine or rushing to the UPS store to use their machine — plus you’ll save paper!

With so many features and so much convenience at your fingertips, you can probably come up with a myriad of reasons to use Voxox. Download Voxox today and join the party!

*Promotion ended as of September 10, 2015. Please click this link for details** 

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