VoIP and BYOD: A Winning Combination for Business Success

Posted by John Lee on Oct 08, 2014

Running a business can be very challenging, and one of the challenges is implementing a communications strategy that satisfies both clients and employees. Business communications has evolved to where it’s no longer necessary to be on-site at work to place and answer calls. This means presenting your business to clients in a professional manner while offering work flexibility to your employees is paramount to your company’s success.




Unifying a hosted VoIP and BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy provides a reliable, affordable, and flexible solution enabling you to do business anywhere, at anytime. With Voxox, it’s easy to implement a unified strategy across your organization and set up long-term success for your employees:

  1.  Work Flexibility:

According to a recent study, 79% of employees admit to working beyond the traditional office hours. If your business requires travel or working outside the office, integrating a BYOD strategy would enable employees to forward their business line to their personal mobile device when they are away from the office. Voxox gives your employees the freedom to work out of the office and on-the-go, without fear of missing important business calls. Employees can access their messages, receive calls and stay connected wherever, and whenever.


  1. Enhances Productivity:

Happy, employees are productive employees. According to  ‘Happiness and Productivity’ by Andrew J Oswald, Eugenio Proto, and Daniel Sgroi, organizations have seen a significant increase in productivity when they invest money in employee support and satisfaction. Google saw a 37 percent increase in productivity when they increased their investment into employee happiness and satisfaction. A BYOD strategy gives employees the option to attend late night or early morning meetings from their home office. Also, if a parent needs to attend a late afterschool sports game, having the option to work from home gives the employee the opportunity to be present in their kid’s life while still getting their job done. Ultimately, a happy employee will work harder and go the extra mile for an organization that also goes the extra mile for them.

  1. Cutting Costs and Scalability:

By unifying your communications strategy, moving to a Hosted PBX platform, and implementing a BYOD strategy, you’ll be cutting up to 60% off the cost of your monthly business phone service. As your organization grows, your business phone system will scale quickly and easily. With traditional systems, you have to worry about cabling, switches, and whether your PBX can handle additional phones. With Voxox, everything is in the cloud and you could focus on growing your organization and leave the rest to us.


What is your stance? Are you enabling mobile communication or stopping it? VoIP and BYOD makes sense in terms of time, money, and flexibility. So why wait? Contact us today to see how Voxox can help save your organization time and money.

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