Voxox and My Winter Getaway to Costa Rica

Posted by Carisa Criss on Dec 11, 2013

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to celebrate in Costa Rica, where beautiful sunsets are plentiful. To stay connected over the holiday, I realized that a communication app for my smart phone would be a necessity. Dave and I would need a way to communicate if we got separated, and my Mom wanted a way to keep in touch in case of emergencies and to receive regular photo updates. Neither of us could afford to rack up data charges with our current phone plan, so we both downloaded the Voxox app. The following are the features I used the most while traveling.


Voxox Getaway to Costa Rica


FREE Messaging – This is my favorite feature. It allows you to call and text with other Voxox users, unlimited. It was so nice to be able to message my Mom for free to let her know that we had finally arrived to our rustic paradise! It was even better when I received an instant reply from her. She happened to be online and had also downloaded Voxox onto her desktop, so we were able to chat back and forth while we settled in, finishing off the night amidst a tropical thunder storm. Of course I had to snap some pictures of the lightning and send that to my Mom as well.

Location/Map Sharing – With the click of a button you can arrange a meeting place or let your friends know where you are. The next morning while we ate the typical Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto, Dave and I planned out the rest of our stay. This included getting a hold of our guide who would be taking us into the jungle. We were able to have our guide download the Voxox app to his phone, and we received these immediate benefits: he shared the meeting location with us, we all got free messaging to each other, and the app translates languages, which made communication even easier!

Photo/Video Sharing –
Being able to capture photos and share from my phone’s camera roll came in very handy. One of the hotel staff directed us to a secret beach. He said to take the main road into town, and turn left at the Gecko Verde where we would find a metal gate. He told us to open it and close it quietly behind us, then walk quickly and immediately to our right there would be a trail. We followed his directions to a tee and found exactly what he had promised along with big red signs reading “la propiedad privada”. We were both up for an adventure and were soon hidden amongst the damp forest trail. I made Dave lead as there were too many spiders and webs intercepting our path for my comfort. We soon came to a long, washed out stairway that lead to a beach. It was paradise! We spent most of the day there and only headed back when a bug bite developed on Dave’s arm and began to hurt. I was hoping it was not from the spiders on the trail. When we got back to the hotel, I snapped some pictures and sent them to my Mom to have my Dad who is a doctor take a look. I immediately received his medical advice and then felt like a hypochondriac as it was only a mosquito bite.

Mobile and Landline Support – You can call and message friends who aren't using Voxox yet or are on a landline phone for super low rates all over the world. On Thanksgiving Day, we set out early in the morning for a town called Tamarindo where we spent the day sailing and snorkeling. I really missed my family and remembered that I had put money on my Voxox account so that I could call a landline if needed. Once connected with our breakfast spot’s wifi, I was able to call my parents’ house, talk with them, and hear their voices. This was the first time I had traveled this far and was able to stay connected with my family.

Here are some more features you can look forward to when using Voxox:

  • Language Translation – Voxox can automatically translate the text messages you send and receive to/from dozens of languages.
  • FREE Phone Number  – Geta free U.S. phone number that your family and friends can use to call you.
  • Reach Me Anywhere – Forward incoming calls to any of your other phone numbers to ensure calls are never missed.
  • Eavesdrop Allows you to listen to your caller leaving a message, giving you the option to screen and pick up the call at the last second.
  • Voicemail Transcription – Voxox automatically turns voicemail messages into text messages.
  • Friend Finder  – Voxox imports your contacts and automatically finds friends who use Voxox so you can communicate with them for free. (You can still communicate with those that don’t have Voxox for super low rates.)
  • In call features  – (during any call you can do the following): 
    Press *1 for Call Recording - Record the call you are on and view and play back recordings in the app
    Press *2 to Transfer - Move your call to another phone, even your desk phone or another mobile
    Press *3 to Conference - Bridge up to 20 parties (standard iPhone only lets you do 3-way)

As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida! 

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