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Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jan 23, 2014

What is ROFL? Some things are best defined by what they are not. ROFL is not the traditional chat acronym "Rolling on the Floor Laughing". Instead ROFL is a social entertainment love story. Voxox is not just another pretty telecomm company. We're here to play! You may have seen our curious tweets this month and you may be hoping that we'll tell you what's going on! We're just here to tease and entice. 

Ratbane Rhinoceros of ROFL: A Rhinoceros and an Octopus Find Love, a Voxox original social entertainment series is almost here and he really wants your help. February marks month one of this exciting blend of advertising, social marketing and entertainment. 

Every workday from February 3 through May 2 we will be posting a new episode of ROFL to Twitter at noon. Then we will reposting an extended version of the same episode to our Pinterest, G+, FB and Tumblr. AND we need your help… in fact, it is ONLY with your help that we’ll be successful! So please tweet, retweet, share, like and comment.

These are our favorite tweets so far:

Ratbane Rhinoceros and Oliebird Octopus Find #Love #ROFL, only on #Voxox Social Media. Starts Feb. 3, at noon every workday

It’s about time somebody did something silly… #Voxox is: #ROFL - A Rhinoceros and an Octopus Find Love. Noon workdays! Starts Feb. 3

We’re talkin’ super silly entertainment like you’ve never read it before! #ROFL Starts Feb. 3 and then at noon every workday!

#ROFL Get Your #RedHot Social series “A Rhinoceros and an Octopus Find Love” Starts Feb. 3 and at Noon Every Workday! #Voxox




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