When Disaster Strikes, You’ll be Thankful for Your Small Business Virtual Phone

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Mar 26, 2014

Through the years, you may have heard some of your more pragmatic friends and family say that they only feel comfortable relying on what they can see and touch. In many instances this is probably a sound philosophy. But when it comes to phone systems, it is a pure fallacy. The fact is, a small business virtual phone system offers peace of mind that a legacy PBX simply cannot match.

Wired business telephone solutions, while eminently touchable, are susceptible to various failures and disruptions. If a heat wave causes a major power outage, for example, a legacy phone system goes down. A hardware malfunction? Down. A tree branch falls on a power line? Out. A new deployment installed incorrectly? Kaputt. 


Few business obstacles leave you feeling as helpless as a down phone system, especially if it happens just before a critical call. Having to reschedule a call with a client because of a phone outage is nothing short of unprofessional and delaying communication with your own employees can be a waste of time and money.

Ah, but with a hosted phone system these worries fade away like distant memories. The entire system is managed off-premises, meaning you don’t have any equipment that can fail or wires to come unplugged. If you need to add extensions or make other adjustments to your service plan you simply make the changes on the web and you’re good to go—no special skills or expertise required. 

Reliability is one of the biggest advantages hosted solutions have over on-premises options, so the next time someone tells you that they can’t trust what they can’t touch or see, you can gently disagree. Because as a business professional, what you can touch is far less important than what works.

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