Which Voxox Feature Are You -- Free Texting?

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Sep 11, 2014

Time for a pop quiz

Which Lord of the Rings character are you? What cocktail are you? How much do you love bacon?   We love to take quizzes — as long as they’re about ourselves. Admit it: You like to talk about yourself. After all, what’s the one subject you are the end-all-be-all authority on?



By the way, Gollum, Whiskey Sour and A Lot.

Here there are no wrong answers and so many ways to use Voxox! So take the quiz and find out …

Which Voxox Feature Are You?

1. You’ve just been kidnapped by seven Chechen rebels. What’s the first thing you do?

            a. Tear the duct tape off your mouth and talk with them.

            b. Sit quietly and do a Sudoku puzzle.

            c. Break out your hip flask and get everyone drunk.

            d. Bask in your importance — You’re worthy of kidnapping!

            e. Convince one of the kidnappers to teach you Chechen.

2. You’re stuck in a long line at the DMV. You …

            a. whip out your smartphone and group call all your friends at once.

            b. contentedly read the Russian novel you brought.

            c. invite your friends to join you, telling them it’s a tailgate party.

            d. sign autographs.

            e. take the time to learn Chechen.

3. In high school, what were you voted “most likely” to do?

            a. Start a flash mob in a shopping mall.

            b. Move to Walden Pond and live off the land.

            c. Join a frat / sorority.

            d. Become more famous than BoJack Horseman.

            e. Join the Peace Corps.

4. How many selfies do you post in a day?

            a. At least one every hour.

            b. Zero.

            c. Lots, especially if you’re counting video selfies.

            d. I don’t have to take selfies. I have my own paparazzi.

            e. One in every city I travel to.

5. Is there a picture of yourself on your fridge?

            a. Lots of photo booth pics of me with my friends!

            b. No, just word magnets.

            c. Only the ones from parties.

            d. Yes, big ones!

            e. Just one from my trip to Central America.

6. What’s your favorite social media site?

            a. All of them.

            b. None of them.

            c. eVite.

            d. Napster.

            e. Does Travelocity count?

7. Have you ever gotten a friend a job?

            a. No, I’m too busy talking.

            b. I try not to have friends.

            c. No, but I’ve bought them several drinks.

            d. My friends are never without jobs.

            e. Yes, in several countries.

8. Do you keep in touch with people from previous jobs?

            a. Always!

            b. I don’t even talk to people at my current job.

            c. They’re on my guest list.

            d. I don’t keep in touch with them, they keep in touch with me.

            e. Yes, on every continent!

9. Your ideal job involves ..?

            a. Interacting with lots of people.

            b. Projects that you can do alone.

            c. The party committee.

            d. Giving a TED talk.

            e. Foreign travel.

10. You get an invitation to a party. Do you —

            a. Yay!

            b. Ugh. Do I have to go?

            c. I’m the person having the party!

            d. I’ll make the playlist!

            e. Respond in the host’s native language.


If you answered mostly A’s, you’re Free Calling. You love to talk and talking’s free with Voxox-to-Voxox calls. Plus, non-Voxox calls are super-cheap or free if you use the $1 Voxox gives you each month!*

If you answered mostly B’s, you’re Free Texting. You like the savings, convenience and privacy of free texting with Voxox.

If you responded with mostly C’s, you’re Location Sharing. The party is wherever you are and you want others to know it!

If your answers were mostly D’s, you’re Media Sharing. You’re a media hub and your opinion matters. You love to show your friends your coolness by forwarding the latest Alt-J tune or BoJack Horseman videoclip.

If you answered mostly E’s you are Message Translation. Like the crew of Star Trek, you’ve got a universal communicator right on your smartphone — with Voxox!

How did you do? Whether you’re Free Calling, Free Texting, Media Sharing or Text Translation, you’ve got them all with Voxox. Andy why narrow your world? Maximize your Voxox app. Take a look at some other posts in this blog to learn about many more features. Then study up for the next pop quiz!

*Promotion ended as of SEPTEMBER 10, 2015. Please click this link for details** 

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