You Don't Have to Decide Between a Landline & Free Phone Calls

Posted by Ian LeWinter on May 28, 2015

Everybody’s got one. No, I’m not talking about noses or excuses. I’m talking about mobile phones. As the proliferation of cell phones continues, more and more people worldwide are ditching their landlines in favor of going wireless-only.1

Have you been thinking of cutting the cord?


The good people of India have. With 405 million unique mobile subscribers out of about 900 million registered mobile connections, India’s cell phone users make up more than twice the total population of the United States.2 On the flipside of this, districts throughout India are reporting as much as a 35% drop in landline subscribers.3

Why keep your landline?

People like the reliability of a landline. Remember 15 or so years ago when mobile calls were routinely dropped due to lack of carrier service? “Lemme call you back on a landline,” was a frequent refrain. Although services have vastly improved, mistrust of mobile connections lingers and people are understandably reluctant to give up their landlines.

There’s another option. With a VoIP app and service provider such as Voxox, you can use a broadband Internet connection to make reliable, clear and often free phone calls on your cell phone.

The VoIP option

Voice over IP works over the top (OTT) of your mobile service plan. Using the Internet rather than the traditional public-switched network of the phone company, VoIP service lets you make free phone calls in-network and super-cheap calls out-of-network, saving you lots of money in subscriber service costs.

Along with the savings, many VoIP apps contain loads of cool features. These might include free texting and faxing, free photo and location sharing, plus tons of calling features — things you don’t normally get with a standard landline service.

Some of the VoIP apps, such as Voxox, include software to install on your desktop computer so you can make free phone calls from your Mac or PC.

Get going on VoIP

Jumping on the VoIP bandwagon is easy. With Voxox as our example, you’ll first go to Google Play, the iTunes Store or Voxox.com and download the app for free. When you initially launch the app, you are immediately taken through a sign up process where you’ll choose a username, password and enter your mobile number along with your email address to verify your account.

Once verified, choose a free US phone number from a handful of available numbers. All of your contacts on your mobile phone are automatically imported into your Voxox app, so it’s easy to start using it right away. And just because they love you, Voxox tops off your account each month with $1,* which goes a long way due to Voxox’s low international rates.

All incoming communication on Voxox is always free. In-network outbound communication is also free!

A cautionary word

Keeping your landline is a personal choice. But if you decide to cut the cord, make sure you have a great VoIP app (we recommend Voxox) on your smartphone. This way, you’ll stay connected and have the security of reliable communication with fantastic cost savings.

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