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Voxox Office Tip: Transferring Your Business Number to Voxox

Posted by Angel Ramos on Sep 20, 2017



If you’ve ever moved your main business phone number from one provider to another, you are probably asking yourself a couple questions like this:

It only takes an hour to move my mobile number from the red provider to the yellow guys but it takes eight years it seems with my business number. Why is that even a thing?

Well here’s why:

An average number transfer for businesses can take up to 5 days and that’s with everything going well. Moving a mobile number is painless and usually takes only an hour or less, sometimes in as little as fifteen minutes.

This is due to an FCC mandate. All wireless providers created an interconnected wireless porting system to better support the public and promote competition amongst the carriers, which is great and has made switching mobile providers much easier.

So then why do I have to stand on one leg and cluck like a chicken to move my business number?

Typically, it comes down to how sophisticated the porting system is and it’s just not there yet. While many companies are creating fast, reliable process automation, not all carriers have been able to make this a reality and many aspects are still manual.
Thankfully for you, these quick and easy tidbits will make your number transfers go much smoother!

  • Have a copy of your recent bill/invoice on hand!
    • We know it’s difficult to look at, but that’s why you’re moving to Voxox, so you stop wincing in pain after looking at your bill!
  • Have a fully completed Letter of Authorization (LOA) ready for us.
  • Contact us right away and our team is ready to get things going!
    • Click Here or call us at 619-900-9000 or send us an email at support [at]

That’s It! It’s really that simple and you’re all prepared for your number transfer! Our dedicated support team is here to help make your life easier and more worry-free.


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