Introducing: Unlimited Virtual Receptionists

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Introducing: Unlimited Virtual Receptionists

VOXOX is purpose-built for remote, mobile workers to be able to run their business from anywhere. Whether it’s from the beach or your child’s baseball game, business owners can feel empowered to work on the go without letting anything slip through the cracks!

Now, with VOXOX unlimited virtual receptionists, business owners never have to worry about missing a call or a potential opportunity. Let VOXOX take the calls and utilize call forwarding to send the call to the right person on your team. This intuitive new feature helps create an elevated customer experience, while establishing a sense of professionalism!

Here’s what you get with VOXOX virtual receptionists:

  • 30+ Languages
  • Convert text-to-speech in over 30 accents
  • Write a professional greeting in any language, choose the accent
  • Personalized greetings available in a number of various male and female voice talents
  • Access to VOXOX professional recording studio to have your greeting recorded by a live professional voice talent

Learn more about recording your professional greeting at!

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