Meet Your New Virtual Receptionist!

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Meet Your New Virtual Receptionist!

Virtual Receptionists can now text your callers, automagically!

Setup Virtual Receptionist automations so your callers can do things like “press 1 to receive a text message with our address and hours” or “press 2 and get a link of this week's promotions sent to this number” without you having to lift a finger.

Our Virtual Receptionist can also ask callers to join a text list, growing your SMS list effortlessly! Let us help you build your audience automatically with every caller that connects with your business.

Additionally, VoIP Desk Phones are now available for our power users!

We get that your WFH setup matters. Since using a desk phone is a creature comfort for many of us, we made sure the quality of the speakerphone is top-notch so that you can truly feel empowered to run your business from your home. Receive and place calls from the convenience of a hardware VoIP Phone, even with new WiFi models options!

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