No Hidden Costs... Ever!!!

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No Hidden Costs... Ever!!!

We continue honoring our commitment to provide best in class voice and text tools that don’t hide hidden costs in your bill.

Since we don’t think it’s cool to make as much money as possible off of every customer (unlike the other guys), messages that you are required to send, like compliance messaging and welcome texts, are now free!

Send welcome messages and messages like “send HELP for help, STOP to stop” for free, forever!

The other guys charge per message to try to squeeze as much money as they can out of every customer. With their services, you might have a message with an emoji take more than 1 credit if it was over 70 characters.

Yeah, we think we know why. *eye roll emoji*

We think you should be able to use as many emojis as you want, without extra costs to you!

When we say 1000 texts a month, we mean 1000 texts a month. Not 1000 credits or segments!

We support 470 characters per message regardless of content or the number of goofy emojis you use. (We’re here to give you high quality services, not judge.)

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