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Common Misconceptions About Free Calling Using VoIP

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Jul 02, 2015


People hate to say “I don’t know.” It’s just human nature. Many times I’ve found myself inventing things in order to avoid saying those dreaded words. As a result, in an effort to not sound ignorant when asked something I can’t answer, I’ve inadvertently spread misinformation and wound up sounding more ignorant than if I’d only said “I don’t know.”


It’s especially tempting to fabricate about a subject that people aren’t commonly familiar with, like Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, VoIP is technology that lets you use the Internet to talk or text using your smartphone or computer.

As VoIP awareness and usage grows, it’s inevitable that misconceptions will arise, especially among consumers who are considering making the switch. Following are some common concerns — real and imagined — expressed by new and potential VoIP users.

Don’t I need a special Internet connection?

If by “special” you mean broadband, then yes. Luckily, broadband connections are more common than colds and can be found everywhere from your living room to your favorite coffee shop. You know those “Free Wi-fi” stickers you see on shop windows? They mean free calling is possible there — though it’s usually not very private.

What about hardware?

All you need is a smartphone and a computer. Actually you don’t even need a computer, unless you want to take advantage of advanced features and setup options. Is your phone VoIP-ready? If you’re using Voxox, all you need for free calling is an Android or iPhone.

Won’t I lose my connection if there’s a power outage?

No. Since your smartphone connects through cell networks, you’ll only need battery power for the phone to keep your call going.

What about call quality?

If you’re a Voxox user, you probably know that you’re already enjoying carrier-grade free calling. What this means is that the Voxox app is well-tested, extremely reliable and proven for call quality.

Keep in mind that call quality is basically only as good as your Internet connection and the VoIP provider you choose. Most quality issues are due to a poor connection. When talking on the phone, this is a big deal. Delays in sending an email go largely unnoticed. Even minor transmission delays are obvious when talking on the phone.

What about reliability?

Again, the reliability of your call connection is largely dependent on the quality of your Internet connection. When you use Voxox, you can toggle between VoIP calls and callback functionality to make a seamless connection. It’s called Call Connect and it solves the problem of bandwidth and connectivity quality when making calls over the Internet.

If you happen to be in a place where there’s a lousy connection, you can use Call Connect. This feature lets you make calls using a landline, and still enjoy free calling.

Continuing education

VoIP is transforming the way the world talks. But its newness raises some concerns with many users. If you’re concerned with questions about special Internet connections, new hardware, connectivity in power outages, call quality, and reliability — then rest easy. Providers like Voxox have you covered. To find out more and download the app, visit

For more about Call Connect and many other features, see the post in this blog, The Treasure in Your Voxox Mobile App Settings.

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