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Conference Bridge: Improving Your Business Communication

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Aug 20, 2014


Gathering your workforce into a boardroom can sometimes be an impossible task, and initiating conference calls with multiple parties can become tediously marred by bad conference calling service. It is vitally important to have a reliable conference bridge with high definition call quality. This is why Voxox created Conference Bridge our state-of-the-art conference-calling platform that enables up to 250 different callers on one a single conference line.  

Voxox Conference Bridge
Image courtesy flickr user itupictres

Voxox offers a variety of features, which help to ensure communication between conference callers is a completely seamless experience. Some of the key features include:

  • Web-based conference management
  • On demand start
  • Unlimited conference bridge ID’s for your employees
  • Various conference modes- Presentation, conversation, Q&A
  • Multiple host options
  • Mute/Un-mute options for individual or personal channels
  • The ability to raise a hand within the conference call to ask a question
  • Conference recording
  • Activity and history reports


With the Voxox Conference Bridge your business can reliably and effectively communicate with customers, employees, or executives instantaneously through our always on demand conference start time. Voxox has made holding a conference call easier than ever with crystal-clear high definition calling and many advanced features. Improving the way your business does conferencing can move your business forward, in todays competitive environment, there’s no doubt you'll see results. Voxox is the only solution for all of your business communication needs, for more information on this, and other Voxox services, contact us today.

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