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Family Ties: Free Text, Free Talk 

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Sep 24, 2015


Family Values

Face it. Summer is ending. Autumn is approaching. Everyone seems to be OK with this (what choice do we have?) but close on the heels of autumn come the holidays. Sorry to be the one to break it to you but someone had to do it. We only have a few short weeks before the chaos begins. Every year I’m surprised over how quick retailers are to start their promotions. Last week I got an email from Pier One announcing their 2015 Christmas collections.


The holidays are a beautiful time of year, a season dedicated to expressing your affection for someone or at least your affection for commerce, but regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, there’s no escaping the phone calls to family. For some people — including me — calling the family is a pleasure that often leads to fun and laughter. For others — and this seems to be the majority — calling the family is a task to be dreaded.

If you’re in the latter group, you don’t need to be adding up phone or data charges while listening to lectures about not calling often enough. So I’ve got a little surprise for you — call it an early Christmas present.

Free communication

When you and your family are on Voxox, all of your communication to each other is free! This means unlimited free calls; free texts; location, contacts, image and video sharing; and faxing.

Voxox is a free app that runs over the top (or OTT) of your regular cell phone service plan. When you call or text your family from the Voxox app, your voice or message is being carried over the Internet, rather than over traditional telephone lines. This is called voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short. You’ve probably heard of it.

It’s because of VoIP technology that Voxox is able to give you free calls and free texts in-network — with no pop-up banner ads!

Get your family and friends on board

Sometimes getting your whole family to buy into an idea is a bit like herding chickens. Everyone wants to go in a different direction. But adding a free app such as Voxox is much easier than trying to get them all to switch to the same cell phone service provider. With Voxox, there are no contracts to sign and no commitments. You get a free phone number and numerous additional features you won’t find in any single app. Find out more about those by reading the blog post entitled: Top Seven Reasons to Use the Voxox Mobile App.

Inviting your contacts to join you on Voxox couldn’t be any easier. Simply go to anyone’s contact screen in your app (they’re automatically imported when you sign up) and tap on the “Invite to Voxox” button. An invitation is automatically sent along with a link to the free download. As each family member signs up, you can start sending free texts and making free calls immediately!

Happy Holidays

In reality, the holidays are still two months away, so technically you have a month and a half before panic sets in. You can make the season happy for yourself, your family and friends by staying connected, whether by free texts, free calls or just by sending a quick photo or two. Make the most of your holidays by using Voxox for all of your important communication.

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