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Five Signs You're Ready To Try a Free Calling App

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Jun 04, 2015


Every month I’m stumped as to why my $9.99 per line mobile plan, with unlimited free texting, is costing me $240. There are only three lines on my plan, but in reality I’m paying $24 per line. I’m not complaining [necessarily], just a little confused. Are you, like me, wishing for a more predictable monthly bill?  And what else do you wish for in your mobile communications?


Do you dream of a day when all of your correspondence is easily accessible in one place?

Are you a small business owner, and tired of carrying two cell phones and a tablet everywhere you go?

Have you recently made a new friend in a foreign country?

Do you love impressing friends with amazing features and calling technology?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you may be ready for a free calling app, like Voxox. Here are five reasons to give VoIP a try.

1. You’re querulous about your cell phone bill

People everywhere have long relied on cellular service providers. For many years it was the only option for mobile communications. But thanks to OTT software, we now have a choice. A free calling app gives you the opportunity to simplify your monthly cell phone bill, potentially making your costs much more predictable.

2. You’re juggling too many communication apps

An app for texting, another for calling, another for faxing, still another for sharing videos, photos and location. Okay, it’s not so bad going back to you smartphone’s home screen in between functions, but wouldn’t it be so much easier to simply use a tab inside a single app? (I don’t know about you, but whenever I go to press the home button while on a call, I’m afraid I’m hanging up on the person.) When you use Voxox, your texts, phone messages, contacts, faxes and shared media are all in one place, and just the touch of the Messages tab takes you there.

3. You have too many devices

I’m as much a techno-junkie as the next guy, but who wants to carry around two cell phones? This used to be a problem for small business owners and really popular people — not anymore! With a free calling app, you can get a virtual phone number that acts just like a regular number. When you sign on to Voxox you get to choose from a handful of available numbers that you can give out to your colleagues and associates, or to friends and family. It’s a simple way to keep from mixing business with pleasure!

4. You’re making international calls

Whether you’re an ex-pat or have new friends from a recent vacation overseas, you’ll want to make international calls. One of the greatest advantages of a free calling app is lower international calling rates. (Voxox has some of the industry’s lowest, check out the rates here. 

5. You can’t get enough features

Admit it. You love all the bells and whistles that a free calling app can get you: call recording, call transfer and forwarding, real-time text translation, contacts discovery, photo, video and location sharing — not to mention free texting, calling and faxing. Voxox gives you all this and more!

 Ready, set, download

Need one more reason? How about this: When you choose Voxox as your OTT app, all incoming communication, as well as all in-network calling and texting is free!  With their super-low calling rates, one dollar could translate to a week’s worth of free calling. So what are you waiting for? Download Voxox today!


download voxox for iPhone and android

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