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Frequently Asked Questions about Business VoIP Services

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jul 23, 2014


As a business owner, you have heard about the short and long-term savings VoIP communications can offer your business. You are even thinking about switching, but you have some questions. We have compiled some of the most common questions people ask when considering moving to a VoIP provider. There are many advantages — major cost savings, maximum flexibility and increased productivity in switching to VoIP. This blog post will arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.


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Q. How can VoIP services save me money?

A. Phone calls from one of your office locations to another, on-net calls, are free with Voxox. You'll also see a dramatic decrease in the costs of calling in general. We offer both metered plans, which charge a low per minute rate, or unlimited plans. When comparing Voxox to any of the competition our rates cannot be beat. Do your research carefully because other VoIP providers, at first glance may look cheaper, but when comparing apples to apples Voxox offers the most competitive pricing structure in the industry.

Q. Is the system hard to set up and use?

A. Absolutely not! If you purchased or rented a phone system from us, its provided to you ready to go, simply plug-and-play. Our support team will help you to activate and manage your services through our online customer portal. We are there to answer your questions and provide assistance as needed, to ensure your transition to VoIP is an excellent experience.

Q. How will your services improve my relationship with my customers?

A. How easy you are to get a hold of says a lot to your customers about your credibility. With features such as auto attendant, your phone system has the same professional quality as the big businesses do. Voxox also offers 60+ advanced features and additional services giving your business the communications edge you need.

Q. How can your solutions help me to unify various office locations?

A. With our VoIP services for business, all of your office locations can use the same main phone number, along with three or four digit extensions. The auto attendant can be used to answer and route calls to the right location. Even telecommuters can be reached through your main office phone number with an extension, wherever they might be at the time when the call comes through.

Q. How hard is it to learn to use your system?

A. It's not hard at all! Our web-based management portal provides you with the tools you need to manage and self-monitor your services.

Q. My business is growing rapidly. Do I need to wait to use your service?

A. No. Voxox's services are scalable, meaning you can add or remove extensions based on your needs at the time. Growing businesses are our specialty

Q. My company is moving out of state. How do I take my phone services with me?

A. It's simple. Let us know you're moving. Provide us with your new physical address so that we can update information required for E911 services and help you obtain the proper bandwidth for your internet connection at your new place. Everything should work seamlessly. If it doesn't, technical support is available to help you install your system.

We terminate over 85 million minutes of call traffic each month worldwide. We have successfully helped our customers to save money and increase call quality through our carrier grade business solutions. These are just a few of the basic questions that business owners like yourself have had about our services. Do you have additional questions? Contact us today! 

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