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6 Ways a Virtual PBX Service Gives Your Business a Professional Edge

Posted by Natasha Grach on Jan 14, 2014


Running your own business comes with a lot of responsibility, but your phone doesn’t have to add to the stress. If you’re like most busy entrepreneurs, you have trouble keeping your professional and personal phone lines separate and are desperately seeking a solution -- read on to find out how a virtual PBX service can solve your headache and give you a professional edge.

Let’s say you own a mobile car wash business and are always on-the-go washing and detailing cars while their owners are stuck in their cubicles. You’re in the middle of hosing down a Bentley when your phone starts to buzz. Your hands are wet and you can’t reach it in time. There goes another potential client to your voicemail.  For a larger business this wouldn’t be a problem, but if you have one mobile device for both personal and business calls, you may end up with a confusing personal and business image -- i.e., “Hi, this is Bob’s Mobile Car Wash. Please leave a message,” may not help with your dating scene.

Small Business and Virtual PBX Service

So, how can you juggle both personal and business calls with just one device? With a virtual PBX service, of course! A virtual PBX service acts like a sophisticated phone system, but doesn't require any hardware or expert set-up – it’s all done in the cloud and can be used with your personal mobile device. A virtual PBX service typically allows you to route several numbers to one phone and enable a wide range of capabilities that your business needs to be competitive in today’s market.

Beyond convenience, what makes a virtual PBX service useful to small businesses, particularly 1-2 person businesses, is a huge boost in professionalism. Here are a few reasons you may want to look into this option:

  1. Make Your Business Look Bigger

If a receptionist or personal assistant isn’t in your budget, why not use a "virtual" one?  An auto-attendant makes your business sound much more professional and elevates your business brand. Also, keep in mind that an auto-attendant can answer calls 24/7, which makes you look polished around the clock.

  1. Create a Positive Hold Experience

No one likes to be put on hold, but with professional hold music and ring-back tones, you can create a more positive experience for your patient customers and choose tones that fit the image you want your business to have.

  1. Connect on Any Phone

Call forwarding lets you forward important business calls to any phone – cell, office, home, etc. – so no matter where you are, you can be sure to pick up when a client calls. Plus, this can all be done without giving away your personal cell number!

     4.  Connect Seamlessly

A virtual PBX service offers the seamless ability to transfer calls to other phones that aren't necessarily in your network. Say your spouse does your billing and there's a client on the line who needs to discuss a payment. Instead of giving away your spouse's personal cell number and making your client dial again, just tap a few keys and the call will be transferred over instantly, regardless of the carrier, network, phone, etc.

  1. Deliver Personalized Messages

Rather than using your personal voicemail message, create a custom greeting that enables you to choose or record a message tailored to the tone of your business.

  1. Save Money

Since there’s no need for multiple devices, new equipment or setup fees, a virtual PBX cuts down on communications expenses and ultimately could help boost your bottom line.

When it comes down to it, maintaining professional communications is key to a successful business, but traditional products and services can be expensive. So, if you own your own business and want to keep your personal and business lines separate, but don’t want the hassle (or the added expense!) of juggling multiple phones, then a virtual PBX service is the perfect solution.  

Have questions about virtual PBX features or want to share how a virtual PBX service has helped your business? Post in the comments or connect with us on social media – Twitter and Facebook.


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