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UC, VoIP, and Hosted PBX: How Your Business Could Be Saving Big Bucks

Posted by John Lee on Dec 30, 2015


With the business market as competitive as ever, business owners have to look for cost savings wherever possible. Unified communications and VoIP technology not only helps boost productivity and the efficiency of business processes, but can also help you reap considerable cost savings. By migrating your existing phone system to VoIP, you would be saving money that can then be focused on growing and expanding your business.

hosted PBX VoIP UC Laptop phone.jpg

With VoIP (Voice over IP), you can consolidate your communication so that even though your servers may be located offsite, management and control of your phone system are centralized. Since the VoIP service provider handles all the upkeep and maintenance of the phone systems, this frees your staff from that requirement so they can instead concentrate their attention on driving revenue. Your company won't be plagued by constant maintenance or storage fees for setting up the server and hardware. In addition to the extreme reduction of phone costs, VoIP also helps improve operation efficiency, enhanced functionalities, and lowers labor charges and time. This could help your company not only save on their budget but also save time as well. 

Hosted PBX relies upon VoIP technology and offers your business additional ways to save a significant amount of money. Your phone bills will dramatically be reduced since hosted PBX transmits the calls through the internet connection provided by your VoIP service provider which eliminates the need to have a separate bill for phone and internet. Even if your business makes a high volume of long distance business calls, you would still be saving money.

If your business experiences rapid growth and needs to expand, hosted PBX allows adding new connections without incurring high costs. In a down-sizing scenario, connections can be removed in a flash without any hassle or complexity. The phone system offers enough flexibilty and scalbility so company only pays for what it uses. 

These are only a few ways that UC technologies and hosted PBX helps businesses save money. If you have any questions, contact us today and find out how your company can be saving big.


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