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Voxox Focuses on Unified Communications Innovation for Businesses, Retires Free Consumer Service

Posted by Natasha Grach on May 05, 2016


We announced some news today in regards to the company's vision and direction. We're now going to be 100% focused on innovating for the business market with our Cloud Phone service and our other business solutions. This means we are retiring our free consumer app. Take a look at this morning's press release below and comment here or on our social channels if you have any questions...


Voxox Focuses on Unified Communications Innovation for Businesses, Retires Free Consumer Service

Company will continue to innovate for business customers and partners through its award-winning service delivery engine and patent-pending VoIP technology


SAN DIEGO – May 5, 2016 – Voxox®innovator in unified cloud communication solutions for businesses with the most comprehensive unified communications Platform as a Service, today announced that it has retired its free consumer service in order to focus on growth and innovation in the business market. Voxox's mission is to empower businesses to communicate more effectively with consumers. The company's flagship offering will now be its business service, Cloud Phone, the cloud-based virtual phone system for entrepreneurs and very small businesses. Voxox will also continue to offer business communication solutions for larger businesses through its SIP trunking, hosted PBX, SMS, and wholesale solutions. Furthermore, Voxox will continue to work with operators, OEMs, and other service provider partners on co-branding and white labeling initiatives, leveraging the company's award-winning service delivery platform and all the innovative communication features, capabilities, and enabling technology that the company has developed throughout the past decade. 

In recent years, Voxox customer data and surveys on usage and feature preferences have shown that a large percentage of Voxox consumer app users have been utilizing the app for work-related purposes. The data also indicated strong demand for more advanced business functionality than what the consumer app offered. After launching its Cloud Phone service to the small business market in February 2014, Voxox saw nearly 300 percent growth in customer acquisition Year over Year (YoY), which added fuel to its already strong business telephony portfolio for SMEs.

“Our user feedback has afforded some fascinating insights in regards to which of our app features and capabilities are the most competitive and impactful in the communications market," said Bryan Hertz, CEO of Voxox. “In this era of app overload and siloed ecosystems, free apps are a dime a dozen and difficult to monetize. Businesses, on the other hand, are stuck with expensive, outdated communication tools. Our users understand the value of the advanced business phone features we offer with Cloud Phone, as well as our other products and services, and they are willing to pay for these features. We can now focus all of our resources on transforming business communication." 

Effective immediately, the Voxox free consumer service will no longer be available for sign up, and in 30 days it will be discontinued for existing users. Existing Voxox users will get an invitation and special offer to sign up for Cloud Phone, which will allow them to transfer their phone number(s) to the new service.

Originally introduced as a 100 percent web-based service, Cloud Phone provides ”micro-businesses” (businesses with one to 10 employees) with a telephone number that supports multiple employee extensions, sophisticated call routing, voicemail to text transcription, ability to make calls and manage call activity, notifications, call recordings, faxing, and much more -- all within a sleek, simple design. No special equipment or advanced skills are necessary to use Cloud Phone. Once setup is completed online, all that a user needs is an existing phone to which calls can be routed. The effortless user experience and set-up process, which can be completed in less than a minute, along with highly competitive global calling rates, are key differentiators as compared to alternative solutions. 

Voxox recently launched the Cloud Phone mobile app for iOS and Android. The Cloud Phone mobile app is the first Voxox product to leverage the company's new breakthrough VoIP codec, a technology used to encode and compress voice signals into digital form for transmission. This is particularly significant for small businesses with a disbursed and/or traveling workforce, as the codec dramatically improves voice quality in poor bandwidth settings, such as hotels, convention centers, rural locations, etc. In multiple MOS (Mean Opinion Score) tests, Voxox compared the call quality of its codec against that of popular VoIP services (i.e., Skype, Line, We Chat), and all these services experienced significant call quality degradation around 20 percent packet loss and became unusable at roughly 40 percentpacket lossVoxox's new codec consistently sustained higher quality calls and remained usable at 40 percent packet loss, significantly outperforming others with regards to voice quality. 

Added Hertz: "We have been and will continue to transform business communications with simplified user experiences, innovative features, and ready-to-market solutions -- all driven by our unique and powerful unified communications service delivery platform.  We are looking forward to our new direction and exciting road ahead."

To view pricing and/or to sign up for Cloud Phone, please visit Download the Cloud Phone Android app directly from Google Play and the iOS app directly from iTunes.


About Voxox

Voxox is an innovator in unified cloud communication solutions for businesses. The foundation of the company's offerings is its award-winning unified communications Platform as a Service, which enables the company and its customers to build powerful, scalable applications and services. For end-users, Voxox provides an extensive suite of carrier-grade business phone solutions, including its flagship business app, Cloud Phone, as well as SIP Trunking, hosted PBX, and a wide array of wholesale services, such as high volume SMS. For service provider partners, Voxox delivers cutting-edge mobile and desktop applications that integrate voice, video, messaging, fax, media sharing and more. Voxox is headquartered in San Diego. For more information, please visit


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