How To Easily Upsell Your Customers Using SMS Marketing

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Niche or sector aside, if you want to maximize your sales and profit as a business owner, upselling your products or services is a powerful promotional tool.

Studies show that upsells are 68% more cost-effective than acquiring new customers—and can increase revenue by up to 30%.

By presenting your customers with either upgraded or complementary items related to past or existing purchases, you can increase your order value, boosting your bottom line in the process. And, SMS marketing is an effective way to do so.

79% of smartphone users make buying decisions based on SMS opt-ins. And with an open rate of 98%, text message engagement is at an all-time high.

To guide you to success, here we look at techniques to help you upsell through SMS marketing.

Let’s get started.

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Ask your customers about their experience

To upsell through SMS marketing effectively, sparking up the right dialogue is essential. 

By reaching out to your customers and asking for their opinions on your brand or service, you will build rapport while gaining a deeper insight into their needs or preferences.

In doing so, you will gain the insight you need to offer personalized product upsells that are likely to result in conversions.

Here’s an SMS marketing example for your inspiration:

"Can we ask you a quick question? How happy are you with the experience we offer? What do you like most about us? Reply with your answers here—your opinion counts." 

To avoid overwhelming or bombarding your customers (doing so will reduce your open rates significantly), check out our guide on how often to text your SMS marketing list.


Send a first-ever post-purchase follow-up text

Another effective SMS upselling technique is sending a follow-up text just after your customers make their first purchase from your store or site.

Customer retention is vital to the growth of any business—yours is no exception.

If you reach out to a customer post-purchase, you’re likely to catch them when they are most engaged, encouraging repeat custom in the process.

Reach out your customer with a link to a product category related to their purchase, offer them an incentive to browse, and you’re likely to drive extra revenue to the business.

Here’s an example for your reading pleasure:

"Thanks for shopping with us. Here are some other items we know you'll love. Follow the link and if you see something you like, you can enjoy 10% off with code TEN. (LINK)"


Offer a focused SMS deal or discount code

83% of consumers are 'likely' or 'very likely' to interact with an ad or marketing promotion that offers a deal or discount. 

For SMS marketing upsell glory, you should text your customers a deal or discount that is valid for a specific product or product category.

If the deal is relevant to your customers’ general buying history of preferences, it will feel more personable, and as a result, more likely to increase average order value off the back of their previous purchases.

Something as simple as this often works wonders:

"We noticed you love our long sleeve tees. Well, we’ve got a brand new selection with your name on it. Use discount LT10 enjoy 10% off any purchase from our long tee category."

Ultimately, if you encourage large segments of your audience to convert from this upsell technique, you will see a healthy increase in revenue overtime.


Turnaround cart abandonments

Cart abandonments are common and caused by a number of reasons from unexpected shipping costs and user experience (UX) issues to people checking for better offers elsewhere.

But, when it comes to SMS marketing, cart abandonments present valuable upsell opportunities. If you notice that a customer has abandoned their cart, offering a simple incentive could not only entice them to complete their purchase, but it could also drive extra revenue.

You could offer a discount plus free shipping on future purchases, for instance:

"Hey, we noticed that you didn't complete your purchase. We hope all is well and if you'd like to return to your cart, we'll offer you 15% off your order plus FREE express shipping for the next three months. Simply use code GO15 at the checkout."

In this case, you’re encouraging customers to commit to their existing purchase while offering a clear cut incentive to buy more from you in the near future—a long-term upselling technique that will provide sustainable growth to your business.


Share striking ads with links & emojis

Most consumers respond incredibly well to visual content.

In the age of the smartphone, adding eye-catching emojis and links to your upsell SMS marketing texts is likely to increase engagement and, in turn, conversions. 

The best approach is to share simple yet effective emojis that give the recipient a clear indication of what the content is about and how they might benefit from it while adding a link to a specific landing or product page to inspire action:

"Yes, winter IS coming. ❄️ If you’d like some seasonal warmers to go with your new coat, we have a brand new range of gloves, hats, scarves, and accessories. Take a look and if you see something you like, use discount code WIN15 💵 at the checkout (LINK)."

For more inspiration on how to generate sales with your text messaging content, explore these nine excellent SMS marketing templates.


Final thoughts...

When it comes to increasing customer loyalty and engagement, SMS marketing is priceless.

We hope that our advice on how to upsell through SMS marketing has offered the insight you need to grow your business—and if you’re looking to take your text message marketing to the next level, we can help.


At VoxDirect, we have the tools and solutions to help you create and automate SMS marketing communications that will help you drive more sales and accelerate the growth of your business.

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