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4 Essential Features Every Small Business Phone System Should Have

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Sep 24, 2014


In today’s fast paced business environment, small businesses need an edge. Fortunately, it's relatively easy for a brand new business to look and sound like a big business with a solid website, business cards, and brochures. All this is possible thanks to the technological advancements in the last ten years.

Small BusinessImage Courtesy of Flikr User Le Camping

The one area start up organizations tend to overlook is how to make their business sound like a big organization. Savvy customers can tell when they are calling a cellular phone or a landline phone with a standard voicemail box versus a system which includes an auto attendant, menu trees and custom messaging. The best way to expand your business while giving your communucations an upgrade is to implement a small business phone system in the cloud. There are four key features a small business phone system should have to thrive and be successful.

1. Place Calls on Hold with Music
There’s nothing wrong with placing someone on hold, but allowing them to listen to music while they wait is a perk.  Waiting in silence is torture, and elevator tunes are not much better.  Choose soothing or happy sounds for the customer to listen to while waiting for someone to return to the line.

2. Essential Coaching Tools
There are two factors that hold a business together, and they are the employees and customers.  Barge and whisper are two coaching tools a business needs.  Using barge and whisper technology allows an employer to train your employees while they are on-call.  Whisper is a coaching feature that allows an employer to train their employees by providing tips and advice during a call.  Barge is another coaching tool that enables an employer to listen to calls that an employee has that is in-progress.  An employer never has to wait until the call is complete to give an employee advice or steer them in the correct direction.

3. Enable the “Do Not Disturb” Feature
Meetings are important, and they are held to discuss important matters.  The do not disturb feature can be enabled and disabled.  This VoIP feature blocks incoming calls until it is disabled.  The employer and employee can program this feature to send the incoming call to voicemail or a different preferred destination.

4. Taking Advantage of Auto-Attendant
The auto-attendant feature allows its user to create an interactive menu for customers.  This feature offers a professional, more established presence to customers.  The auto-attendant feature is beneficial in many situations and is similar to having a personal receptionist. When a customer calls your business they will be presented with several options which they can select and then be routed to a department or a specific extension based upon the items you choose to customize.

These four small business phone system features are crucial to the growth of your small business.  Voxox has a small business phone solution that will fit your needs. These features are standard in our cloud based hosted PBX system, and they can enhance your call quality while decreasing your monthly service bill by up to 60% if you are currently using a small business phone system from your local wired telcom company.

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