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An SMS Gateway Can Be A Life Saver

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jun 04, 2014


We live in a world where everything is growing and changing rapidly. Do you remember a time when having a cellular phone was a luxury? Now it seems that everyone is carrying around a mobile phone, a laptop, and some other handheld device. We live in a fast paced world. Today many tech savvy people, especially those within the millennial generation, prefer to have a conversation using their fingertips.  

Long and Short Code SMS MessagesImage courtesy of Flickr user Mo Riza

Organizations are realizing this and are subsequently communicating with their customers through multiple communication channels. Because of this new industry trend, sending bulk text messages through a reliable SMS gateway at wholesale prices is the key to an organization’s success.  

Dont be fooled, there are many organizations who offer bulk SMS services, but only Voxox offers one of the first end-to-end wholesale SMS offerings designed to address the needs of businesses looking to SMS enable their customer communications.  The SMS gateway is accessible through web service API, or the standard enterprise protocol, SMPP. With Voxox your organization can send hundreds of thousands of text messages quickly and easily.


Voxox is a CLEC; we offer carrier grade services at a rate that most organizations cannot beat.

- Voxox offers both long and short code sms messages. (short code available in the US market)

If you send a minimum of 20,000 messages a month, Voxox will help you save money.

Inbound SMS delivery to U.S. and Canadian DIDs.

Worldwide outbound SMS service to more than 500 mobile operators in more than 160 countries.


Voxox is one of a few wholesale providers of SMS services, with a robust network infrastructure and long-standing partnerships with numerous carriers worldwide. This enables Voxox to offer extremely competitive rates, and high-quality service. Call today to see how Voxox can help you improve your bottom-line and engage with customers through SMS messaging.


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