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How outbound call centers can save 30-60% on calling costs

Posted by Aimee Eucce on Jul 16, 2014


For the outbound call center, relief from the high cost of doing business is here. According to an article in Smart Customer Service “Savvy carriers have developed ways to transform call centers from resource hogs into profit centers, all without gouging customers.” Ultimately, these savvy carriers are able to pass these savings to their outbound call center customers in the form of lower rates.


Image Courtesy of Flikr User Saginaw Future Inc.

VoIP provides call centers with usage rates that are much lower than those provided by traditional telecom carriers, especially when referring to short call traffic. Short call traffic is just what it sounds like, outbound calls that average between 15 to 30 seconds. Short call traffic through traditional phone carriers is quite expensive. The best explanation for the high cost of short call traffic is found in a recent Call Center Times Article by Voxox’s own President, Cliff Rees. “Low ASR and low average call duration (ACD) traffic consumes nearly as much of a telco’s signaling and switch resources as do business and consumer calls that typically last for two minutes or longer. This means that telcos make far less profit from contact center traffic. For example, when a contact center has an ASR below 50 percent, it means its service provider is making no money on half of those calls.” The solution to this issue is the implementation of VoIP technology. When outbound call centers migrate to VoIP through Voxox, they will receive between 30%-80% lower rates without compromising call quality or reliability.

This is accomplished through the usage of SIP trunks. Regardless of the phone system, SIP trunk lines work seamlessly behind the scenes on your behalf. Voxox even offers special wholesale pricing for outbound call centers at the enterprise level. If interested in these rates, call the Voxox sales team, 1-866-612-8647 and they will help you to determine how much money your call center can save. Without a doubt, technology is making the business of having either an outbound or an inbound call center more affordable. With Voxox's SIP trunks, you're ready to take your call center to a whole new level while retaining the call quality that you need and expect for your business. For more information, contact us.

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