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The Influence Of Millennials On Unified Communications

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Oct 08, 2015


It’s somewhat unsettling. As Baby-Boomers reach retirement age and Generation X’ers are starting families and settling down, Millennials — babies who were born what seems like yesterday — have reached adulthood. This means they are about to take over the world!

It’s generally agreed that Millennials are people born beginning in 1982 and reaching adulthood around the year 2000. Those of us Gen-X’ers and Boomers may recall it was around this time that the Internet came into common use.

Millennials Hard At Work


Millennials have never known a world where you had to get up and go to the TV to change the channel. They’ve never dealt with the frustration of an excruciatingly slow game of Pong. And they’ve never had to look up anything in a book.

I didn’t learn how to type until high school. These kids don’t remember not being able to type! Technology has been an integral part of their lives since birth. One can no more separate a Millennial from his mobile phone than a football fan from his remote control.

One result of this phenomenon is super-connectivity. These brand-new adults can reach their friends anywhere instantly via text, voice call, email or social media. They grew up with this right-here, right-now accessibility and have come to expect it from everyone.


Without intending it, this expectation has resulted in continuous technological advances in communication. The Internet grew up along with the Millennials and has even, at times, struggled to keep up, as they demand the latest and greatest. It’s partially because of this that we can do practically everything over the Internet — including make free phone calls.

But with all the connectivity available, there come the twin problems of disjointed communications and app clutter. With communication modes instantly at their fingertips, Millennials don’t have the patience to be constantly jumping back and forth between multiple apps. As they enter the workforce and their lives become increasingly complicated, unified communications is a must.


The Millennials’ online social structure is complicated at best. Staying in touch means knowing if the person you’re trying to reach prefers texts, calls, emails or faxes. Does he or she ever check voicemail? Is this email address up to date? If I send this photo, will she get it? Why in the world does he communicate via fax? Even when using your iPhone or Android’s native software to stay in touch, there are still multiple clicks, screens and passwords to keep track of.

The key to social connectivity is to gather all communication methods together in a single app. Unified communication is key to the Millennials’ social structure. And the best way to unify is with an OTT app, like Voxox.


With Voxox, all of your communications are accessible from a single app. Text, call, fax, share location, media or contact info without returning to your mobile phone’s home screen between each action. All in-network communication is free and unlimited, and out-of-network calls — including international calls — are super-cheap.

On top of this, Voxox offers many in-call features (like call recording and caller ID spoofing*) all in a single free app.

*As of February 12, 2016 changes have been made to this feature. View this post for more information.


In this hyper-technology world, Millennials keep developers on their toes by demanding what would have been impossible to achieve in the past. These new adults are pushing the envelope of communication technology and connectivity. Hmmm, that sounds like a good thing. Maybe having Millennials in charge isn’t so unsettling after all.

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