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Voxox Was Made To Share - Share Location, Share Everything!

Posted by Ian LeWinter on Oct 22, 2015


When I was a kid I hated sharing. I was always happy sharing the other kids’ toys, dolls or games, but when it came to my stuff — forget about it! Where this attitude came from is anybody’s guess. My family was always generous. My friends were quick to offer anything. But when I was called upon to share, I suddenly “heard my mother calling,” gathered up my things and took off. What a brat, right?

Sharing is Caring

Things are different now. With over 200 trillion text messages received in the U.S. every day,1 sharing has become a lifestyle among kids and adults alike — including me. Social media and OTT apps (mobile apps that run over-the-top of your cell phone service) have provided the platform to share location, contacts, maps, photos, videos and just about anything else that can be sent over the Internet.

Now that I’m a reformed sharer, I’ll share the joys of it with you.

Share location

One of the most practical things you can share is your location. Meeting up with friends? Use your Voxox app to pinpoint where you are and share your location so they can find you easily. Parking in a huge parking lot? With Voxox’s integrated maps, you can drop a pin and share it before you leave your car. Then finding your car is a snap. Too bad Voxox doesn’t find a parking spot for you — yet.

Location sharing is quick, easy and accurate, and one share that your friends and family will truly appreciate.

Share contacts

When you first sign up with Voxox all of your address book contacts are automatically imported. Contacts are then stored in the app, and your friends who are already on Voxox are flagged with a logo. These are the people you can talk to and text for free! If someone needs a contact, you can share any of the contacts in your address book without ever leaving the app.

Another great way of sharing is to invite your unflagged contacts to Voxox simply by tapping the green “Invite for Free Calling” button on their contact screen.

Share photos and video

The burgeoning iPhone add-on camera industry is taking cell phone photography to a whole new level. With the add-on cameras, you’re promised the sharpest photos ever. And once you have all those beautiful photos, use Voxox to share them.

Even if you’re not using one of the new add-on cameras, you can take and send photos via text message right from your Voxox app.

Likewise, you can capture new video from within Voxox or use video that’s already on your phone.

A Media Drawer by any other name

To share location, contact or any other type of media, start a text message to the recipient and tap the + button at the bottom of your screen. This opens up the Media Drawer where you can select Capture (new photo or video), Gallery (to choose from your existing photos), Location, Fax or Contact.

If you’d like to learn more, see the blog post called HOW TO SIGN UP AND GET THE MOST FROM VOXOX.

In the past, I was not big on sharing, but Voxox makes it so easy and fun, I can’t resist. From the Media Drawer you can access all your sharable media in one place. In fact, I think I’ll suggest Voxox change the name to “Sharing Drawer.” What do you think?


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